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The Amur River is a hidden gem on our planet, but not everyone knows about its importance. This mighty river faces challenges like pollution and habitat destruction, which threaten the unique creatures living in and around it. It’s a big problem because rivers are like the Earth’s veins, carrying life to many areas. But don’t worry! By learning about the Amur River, we can start to make a difference. This article will take you on a journey to discover the ten most fascinating facts about the Amur River. We’ll see how this river is not just water flowing; it’s a lifeline for nature and people.

10 line on Amur River


10 Lines on Amur River – Set 1

  1. The Amur River is in Asia.
  2. It forms a border between Russia and China.
  3. It’s about 2,824 kilometers long.
  4. The river starts in the mountains.
  5. It ends in the Sea of Okhotsk.
  6. Fish like sturgeon live in the Amur.
  7. It’s important for water transport.
  8. Many birds live near the river.
  9. It floods sometimes in summer.
  10. People use it for fishing and farming.


10 Lines on Amur River – Set 2

  1. The Amur River is one of the longest rivers in Asia, flowing through China and Russia.
  2. It starts in the mountains of northeastern China and travels over 2,800 miles before reaching the Sea of Okhotsk.
  3. The Amur River is important for many animals, like the Siberian tiger and the Amur leopard, who drink its water and hunt along its banks.
  4. Many people rely on the Amur River for fishing and transportation, using boats to travel between villages.
  5. The river is also home to fish like salmon and sturgeon, which are caught by fishermen for food and other purposes.
  6. During the winter, the Amur River freezes over, creating a beautiful icy landscape where people can walk and skate.
  7. Spring brings melting snow and ice, causing the river to swell with water, sometimes flooding nearby areas.
  8. The Amur River basin is rich in forests, providing habitat for many animals and helping to clean the air we breathe.
  9. People have lived along the Amur River for thousands of years, with cities and towns growing along its banks.
  10. It’s essential to take care of the Amur River and its surroundings to protect the plants, animals, and people who rely on it for their livelihoods.
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10 Lines on Amur River – Set 3

  1. The Amur River is a very long river in Asia, stretching about 2,824 miles, which is longer than the entire width of the United States!
  2. It forms a natural border between two countries: Russia and China, acting like a line that separates one country from the other.
  3. The Amur River is home to lots of different animals, including the very rare Amur leopard and the Siberian tiger, which are some of the most unique animals in the world.
  4. Fish love the Amur River too! It’s known for its big variety of fish, including the sturgeon, which can grow very large and lives a long time.
  5. During different seasons, the river changes its looks. In winter, it’s so cold that the river freezes over, but in the summer, it’s full of flowing water.
  6. People use the Amur River for many things, like fishing to catch food, transporting goods on boats, and even for fun activities like swimming and boating.
  7. There are many beautiful sights along the river, including forests, mountains, and wetlands that are important for the environment and provide homes for animals.
  8. The river helps the land around it by giving water to plants and animals, making the area around the Amur River full of life and greenery.
  9. Conservation efforts are important for the Amur River to protect its unique wildlife and to keep the river clean and healthy for future generations.
  10. The Amur River tells us a story about the earth’s natural beauty and teaches us the importance of taking care of our planet and its amazing places.
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