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Annie Besant was a remarkable woman whose life and work still inspire many today. Think about someone who championed freedom and education for all, no matter where they came from. This is the story of Annie Besant, a leader who believed in fighting for what’s right. She was not just a thinker; she was a doer, actively involved in movements that changed the course of history. As we delve deeper into her life, we will explore how her actions and beliefs helped shape a better world. Let’s discover the powerful impact of this influential figure and learn why her legacy continues to be important for us, especially as students.


10 Lines on Annie Besant – Set 1

  1. Annie Besant was born on October 1, 1847, in London, England.
  2. She was very smart and loved to learn new things.
  3. Annie worked hard to help people and fight for their rights.
  4. She believed that everyone should be treated equally.
  5. Annie also cared a lot about education and helped to improve schools.
  6. She moved to India and became a leader in the Indian freedom movement.
  7. Annie Besant became the first woman to lead the Indian National Congress in 1917.
  8. She supported women’s rights and encouraged women to go to school.
  9. Annie wrote many books and gave speeches to share her ideas.
  10. She is remembered as a brave and kind woman who helped change the world.
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10 Lines on Annie Besant – Set 2

  1. Annie Besant was born on October 1, 1847, in London, England.
  2. She was a famous writer, speaker, and leader who cared deeply about education and women’s rights.
  3. Annie moved to India and loved the country very much, calling it her home.
  4. She joined a group called the Theosophical Society that focused on spiritual and philosophical ideas.
  5. Annie Besant worked hard to help Indians fight for their freedom from British rule.
  6. She started a school in Varanasi called the Central Hindu College, which later became a part of a university.
  7. Annie was the first woman to be elected as the president of the Indian National Congress in 1917.
  8. She supported many causes, including better working conditions for workers and education for children.
  9. Besant also wrote many books and articles about her ideas and beliefs.
  10. She is remembered as a courageous leader who made a big difference in India and the world.


10 Lines on Annie Besant – Set 3

  1. Annie Besant was an important figure in both England and India during her lifetime.
  2. She initially became well-known in England as a supporter of women’s voting rights.
  3. Annie was also involved in the labor movement, advocating for fair wages and safer working conditions.
  4. She became interested in spiritual matters and joined the Theosophical Society, rising to become its leader.
  5. In India, she promoted self-rule and helped establish the Home Rule League in 1916.
  6. Annie encouraged Indians to value their culture and heritage, inspiring many to seek independence.
  7. She was a passionate educator who believed in the power of knowledge.
  8. Besant adopted an Indian boy named Jiddu Krishnamurti, whom she believed was a new spiritual teacher.
  9. She traveled extensively, giving lectures in many countries to spread her ideas.
  10. Annie Besant passed away on September 20, 1933, in India, leaving behind a legacy of activism and philosophy.
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10 Lines on Annie Besant – Set 4

  1. Annie Besant was a very influential woman who was born in London, England, on October 1, 1847, and she became famous for her work as a social reformer and leader.
  2. She was not only interested in helping people in England but also traveled far to India, where she became deeply involved in Indian politics and helped Indians fight for their rights.
  3. Annie was a strong supporter of women’s rights and believed that women should have the same opportunities as men to work, study, and make decisions.
  4. She was once a teacher, and she loved education so much that she fought for all children to go to school, especially girls who were often not allowed to learn.
  5. Annie Besant became very interested in a religion called Theosophy, which talks about understanding the world in a spiritual way, and she even led the Theosophical Society, which spread these ideas.
  6. She was brave and spoke loudly about what she believed in, even when it was difficult or when people disagreed with her, making her a great leader.
  7. In India, she helped start a political group called the Home Rule League, which worked to make India a free country, not ruled by British people anymore.
  8. Annie Besant also cared about workers and their rights, leading many protests to make sure workers were treated fairly and paid well.
  9. She wrote many books and articles to share her ideas with the world, hoping to make it a better place by educating people and encouraging them to think deeply.
  10. Annie Besant’s life shows us how one person can make a big difference in the world by standing up for what is right and helping others, no matter where they are from.
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