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From high above in space, satellites help us understand our world better. One special satellite named Aryabhata took a giant leap into orbit many years ago. This satellite wasn’t just any piece of technology; it marked a historic moment for India as its first venture into space. This satellite has a story filled with fascinating science and groundbreaking achievements. Today, we’ll explore ten interesting lines about the Aryabhata Satellite, highlighting its importance and the incredible journey it embarked on. Let’s discover more about this pioneer of space that opened new doors for future explorations.


10 lines on Aryabhata Satellite – Set 1

  1. Aryabhata was India’s first satellite.
  2. It was named after an ancient Indian mathematician.
  3. The satellite launched on April 19, 1975.
  4. It was sent into space by a Soviet rocket.
  5. Aryabhata weighed about 360 kilograms.
  6. It was built to study outer space.
  7. The satellite orbited the Earth many times.
  8. It helped scientists learn about the universe.
  9. Aryabhata’s mission lasted 17 days.
  10. It marked the beginning of India’s space journey.


10 lines on Aryabhata Satellite – Set 2

  1. Aryabhata was India’s first satellite, launched into space on April 19, 1975.
  2. It was named after Aryabhata, a famous Indian mathematician and astronomer.
  3. The satellite was launched by a rocket called Kosmos-3M from a place in Russia.
  4. Aryabhata weighed about 360 kilograms, which is as heavy as a small car.
  5. Its main job was to study outer space and gather information about the stars and Earth.
  6. The satellite was shaped like a big sphere with many sides, almost looking like a large soccer ball.
  7. Aryabhata had solar panels like wings to collect energy from the sun to work its instruments.
  8. It was designed to work for 6 months, but it sent useful data back to Earth for only 5 days.
  9. Despite the short working period, Aryabhata helped India learn a lot about space technology.
  10. It marked the beginning of India’s journey into space research and inspired many more satellites.
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10 lines on Aryabhata Satellite – Set 3

  1. The Aryabhata satellite was made by the Indian Space Research Organisation, known as ISRO.
  2. This historic satellite took off from a Soviet launch site near the Volga River.
  3. Aryabhata helped India become the 11th country to launch its own satellite into space.
  4. The satellite’s main goals were to explore the skies and help improve science in India.
  5. Aryabhata carried scientific instruments to study conditions in space like cosmic rays.
  6. It also looked at how the Earth’s atmosphere behaves when exposed to the sun’s radiation.
  7. Although it stopped sending data after a few days, Aryabhata orbited Earth for 17 years.
  8. The satellite finally came back to Earth in 1992, burning up in the atmosphere.
  9. Aryabhata’s success led to the launch of many more satellites by India, boosting its space program.
  10. Today, Aryabhata is remembered as a pioneering step that showed the world India’s capabilities in space science.

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