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The Battle of Kannauj wasn’t just any fight; it was a huge event that changed the course of history in India. What happens when powerful leaders want the same thing and refuse to share? Trouble brews, and soon, a massive conflict unfolds. In the Battle of Kannauj, two big armies clashed, each determined to control more land and power. This battle wasn’t just about soldiers and strategies; it was about dreams, hopes, and the future of a nation. By exploring this historic battle, we can learn how past events shape the present and guide the future.


10 Lines on Battle of Kannauj – Set 1

  1. The Battle of Kannauj happened in 1540.
  2. It was also called the Battle of Bilgram.
  3. This battle was fought in northern India.
  4. The main leaders were Sher Shah Suri and Humayun.
  5. Sher Shah Suri led his troops to victory.
  6. Humayun was the Mughal emperor at the time.
  7. Because of this battle, Humayun lost his kingdom.
  8. Sher Shah Suri took control of the Mughal Empire.
  9. This battle was important for Indian history.
  10. It shows how leaders fought for their lands long ago.


10 Lines on Battle of Kannauj – Set 2

  1. The Battle of Kannauj, also known as the Battle of Bilgram, was a famous fight that happened in 1540.
  2. This battle was between two important leaders: Sher Shah Suri and the Mughal Emperor Humayun.
  3. The battle took place near the city of Kannauj in northern India.
  4. Sher Shah Suri was very clever and managed to trick Humayun, leading to a big win for his army.
  5. Because of this battle, Humayun lost his kingdom and had to leave India for many years.
  6. Sher Shah Suri became the ruler of Delhi and started his own dynasty called the Suri Dynasty.
  7. The battle showed the importance of good planning and strategy in winning wars.
  8. Sher Shah Suri is remembered for being a great administrator and for improving the lives of his people.
  9. After winning the battle, Sher Shah Suri introduced new laws and reorganized the postal system of India.
  10. This battle is an important part of Indian history because it shows how leaders and their decisions can change the fate of a country.
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10 Lines on Battle of Kannauj – Set 3

  1. The Battle of Kannauj was a significant event in Indian history that occurred on May 17, 1540.
  2. It involved a large army led by Sher Shah Suri fighting against Emperor Humayun’s forces.
  3. The battle ground was near the Ganges river, which was strategic for both sides.
  4. The conflict lasted for several hours with intense fighting between both armies.
  5. Humayun’s army was outnumbered and not as well-prepared as Sher Shah’s forces.
  6. The defeat forced Humayun to flee to Persia, where he spent over 15 years in exile.
  7. During his rule, Sher Shah Suri built the famous Grand Trunk Road, which helped in connecting different parts of India.
  8. The battle is often studied for its military tactics and the use of elephants in combat.
  9. Sher Shah’s victory at Kannauj allowed him to control most of Northern India.
  10. This battle teaches us about resilience, as Humayun later returned to India and reclaimed his throne.

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