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In our daily lives, we often hear adults talk about corruption and how it’s a big issue in many places, including where people work or in the government. It’s like having a sneaky monster that takes away fairness and honesty, making things difficult for everyone. Now, what if there was a superhero team dedicated to fighting this monster? Well, there is! The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) acts like these superheroes. They work hard to make sure people are being honest and fair, especially those who have important jobs in the government. This article will tell you about the top 10 things that make the CVC such a special team.


10 Lines on Central Vigilance Commission – Set 1

  1. CVC fights against corruption.
  2. It started in 1964.
  3. CVC checks government honesty.
  4. It works independently.
  5. CVC gives improvement tips.
  6. It investigates complaints.
  7. Anyone can report to CVC.
  8. CVC teaches about honesty.
  9. It has a chief and commissioners.
  10. CVC aims for a clean government.


10 Lines on Central Vigilance Commission – Set 2

  1. The CVC helps the government save money by making sure no one steals or wastes it.
  2. It’s like a guardian that watches over government activities to ensure they’re doing the right thing.
  3. The head of the CVC is called the Chief Vigilance Commissioner, and he or she is very important.
  4. They work with a team of people, called Vigilance Commissioners, to check on different government departments.
  5. The CVC doesn’t work alone; it gets help from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) when things get really tricky.
  6. They use special rules and guidelines to decide if someone is not following the law.
  7. The CVC is independent, which means it can make its own decisions without being told what to do by other parts of the government.
  8. They also look into big projects and deals to make sure everything is fair and no one is taking advantage.
  9. The CVC’s work helps make India a better place by ensuring everyone is honest and trustworthy.
  10. Learning about the CVC is important because it teaches us the value of honesty and doing the right thing.
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10 Lines on Central Vigilance Commission – Set 3

  1. The Central Vigilance Commission, or CVC for short, is like a school’s monitor but for the whole country of India!
  2. Its main job is to make sure no one is being unfair or cheating, especially people who work for the government.
  3. It was created a long time ago, in 1964, to help keep things honest and clean.
  4. The CVC is like a detective, looking into complaints and making sure everyone plays by the rules.
  5. It gives advice to other parts of the government on how to stay fair and avoid any sneaky business.
  6. People who work at CVC are very smart and careful, making sure they check everything thoroughly.
  7. If someone in the government is not being honest, the CVC can tell them to stop and fix their mistakes.
  8. They also teach government workers how to stay honest and avoid doing anything wrong.
  9. You can tell the CVC if you think someone is not being fair, and they will look into it.
  10. It’s important to have the CVC because it helps make sure everyone is treated fairly and the country runs smoothly.

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