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Politics should be about making the world a better place, but sometimes, it can get really messy. Dirty politics, when people in power play unfair to stay in control or to hurt others, is a problem that affects everyone. It’s like when someone cheats in a game to win; it’s not fun for anyone. This isn’t just about grown-ups in big offices; it’s something that can happen anywhere, even in places you wouldn’t expect. But why does this happen, and what can we do about it? Our journey today will explore these questions, helping us understand the importance of playing fair, not just in games, but in the big world of politics too.


10 Lines on Dirty Politics – Set 1

  1. Dirty politics is when people in power make unfair decisions.
  2. It involves lying to gain advantage.
  3. Sometimes, money is used wrongly to win favors.
  4. It can hurt people’s trust in leaders.
  5. Dirty politics is not good for any country.
  6. It stops good rules from being made.
  7. People sometimes cheat to win elections.
  8. It can make people argue a lot.
  9. Everyone should work together against it.
  10. Fair play in politics is very important.


10 Lines on Dirty Politics – Set 2

  1. Dirty politics is when people in power make unfair decisions just to benefit themselves.
  2. It often involves telling lies or making promises that are never meant to be kept.
  3. Sometimes, people involved in dirty politics use their power to bully or scare others.
  4. It can make it hard for good leaders to do their jobs because of all the dishonesty.
  5. Dirty politics can hurt people’s trust in their leaders and make them feel disappointed.
  6. It’s important for everyone, including kids, to learn about dirty politics to understand right from wrong.
  7. When people stand up against dirty politics, they help make things fairer for everyone.
  8. Schools, communities, and even countries work better when everyone plays by the rules.
  9. Dirty politics can be stopped when people talk about it and work together to make changes.
  10. Remember, being honest and kind is always the best way to make a difference in the world.
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10 Lines on Dirty Politics – Set 3

  1. Dirty politics can sometimes involve cheating or breaking the rules to win.
  2. It can lead to good people being treated unfairly, and sometimes they lose opportunities.
  3. When leaders engage in dirty politics, they might ignore the real problems that need solving.
  4. People who practice dirty politics might spread false stories to confuse or mislead others.
  5. It’s not just in government; dirty politics can happen in schools, sports, and even among friends.
  6. Recognizing dirty politics is the first step in making sure we don’t support it.
  7. Asking questions and seeking the truth are powerful ways to fight against dirty politics.
  8. Honesty in politics is important because it helps build a better future for everyone.
  9. By choosing leaders who are fair and honest, we can help stop dirty politics.
  10. Always remember, one person doing the right thing can inspire others to do the same.

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