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Diseases can sneak up on us when we least expect them, affecting how we feel, play, and even do our schoolwork. Sometimes, they make us miss out on fun games or exciting lessons. This might seem scary, but the good news is that understanding diseases helps us stay one step ahead. By learning about different diseases, we can figure out how to avoid them or get better quickly if we do get sick. Our article will explore some key points about diseases without using complicated terms. It’s like becoming a detective in the world of health, where knowledge is our best tool. Let’s dive in and uncover the mysteries of diseases together!


10 Lines on Disease – Set 1

  1. Diseases are when our bodies don’t feel good.
  2. Some diseases come from germs like colds.
  3. We can catch diseases from others or the environment.
  4. Eating healthy and staying clean helps avoid sickness.
  5. Doctors help us get better when we’re sick.
  6. Vaccines can protect us from certain diseases.
  7. Some diseases go away quickly; others take longer.
  8. Rest is important when we’re sick.
  9. Washing hands often keeps germs away.
  10. Staying active keeps our bodies strong against diseases.


10 Lines on Disease – Set 2

  1. Diseases are health problems that make us feel sick and can be caused by tiny germs.
  2. Some diseases come from bacteria, which are very small living things that can spread from person to person.
  3. Viruses are another type of germ that can cause colds and the flu, making us cough and sneeze.
  4. We can catch diseases from other people, dirty water, or not washing our hands.
  5. Eating healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, helps our bodies fight off diseases.
  6. Vaccines are special shots doctors give us to protect us from certain diseases.
  7. Some diseases, like asthma, make it hard to breathe, but medicine can help.
  8. Doctors and nurses are important because they help us understand and treat diseases.
  9. Animals can get diseases too, and vets take care of them just like doctors do for us.
  10. Staying clean, exercising, and getting enough sleep are good ways to stay healthy and avoid diseases.
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10 Lines on Disease – Set 3

  1. Diseases can affect different parts of our body, like our skin, stomach, or lungs.
  2. Allergies are reactions our bodies have to things like pollen or pet fur, and they can make us sneeze or itch.
  3. Chickenpox is a disease that causes itchy spots and is more common in kids.
  4. Washing our hands with soap and water is one of the best ways to prevent spreading germs.
  5. When we’re sick, it’s important to rest and drink lots of water to help our body heal.
  6. Diseases like diabetes affect how our body uses food for energy, and some people need medicine to stay healthy.
  7. Wearing helmets and safety gear can prevent injuries that might lead to infections or diseases.
  8. Mosquitoes can spread diseases like malaria when they bite us, so using insect repellent can keep us safe.
  9. Regular check-ups at the doctor can help catch diseases early, making them easier to treat.
  10. Sharing is great, but not when it comes to things like water bottles or utensils, to avoid spreading germs.

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