10 Lines on Drug Abuse – Grammar Library

Many people around the world face a big challenge that can harm their health and happiness. This challenge is called drug abuse. It’s when someone uses medicines or other substances in ways they shouldn’t.

Knowing about this issue is very important. It helps us understand why it’s a problem and how it affects individuals and families. Even though it’s a tough topic, learning about it can make a big difference.

Our article will share ten important points on drug abuse. We’ll learn together how to recognize the problem and find ways to help those in need or prevent it from happening in the first place. Let’s get started on this important journey to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.


10 Lines on Drug Abuse – Set 1

  1. Drugs are substances that can harm your body and mind.
  2. Drug abuse means using drugs in a way that is bad for health.
  3. It can make people sick and lead to serious problems.
  4. Some drugs are legal like medicine, but using them wrongly is harmful.
  5. Illegal drugs are always dangerous and against the law.
  6. Drug abuse can stop people from thinking clearly.
  7. It can hurt friendships and family relationships.
  8. Saying “no” to drugs is a smart and brave choice.
  9. Schools and parents help teach us about the dangers of drugs.
  10. Always ask an adult if you’re unsure about a substance.
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10 Lines on Drug Abuse – Set 2

  1. Drugs can look like everyday items, but they’re not safe.
  2. Taking drugs for fun can quickly lead to addiction.
  3. Addiction means not being able to stop using drugs.
  4. Drug abuse harms not just the user, but their friends and family too.
  5. It can lead to losing interest in hobbies and activities.
  6. Many people work to help those struggling with drug abuse.
  7. Being informed helps you make wise decisions about drugs.
  8. Celebrate drug-free activities with friends and family.
  9. Your body and mind are happier without drugs.
  10. Courage is saying yes to health and no to drugs.


10 Lines on Drug Abuse – Set 3

  1. Drugs are harmful substances that can make people sick and cause problems.
  2. Some drugs are medicines that doctors give us to help us feel better when we’re sick.
  3. But other drugs, like those people use for fun, can be very dangerous.
  4. People who use these drugs might feel good for a short time, but they can hurt their bodies and minds.
  5. Drugs can change how our brains work and make it hard for us to think clearly.
  6. They can also make people do things that are not safe or healthy.
  7. It’s important to remember that drugs are not toys, and we should never take them without a doctor’s permission.
  8. If we see someone using drugs or if someone offers them to us, we should say no and tell a grown-up we trust.
  9. We can also help by learning about healthy ways to have fun and deal with problems instead of using drugs.
  10. By staying away from drugs, we can keep ourselves and others safe and healthy.
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10 Lines on Drug Abuse – Set 4

  1. Drug abuse means using drugs in a way that’s harmful to our bodies and minds.
  2. Some people might start using drugs because they feel sad, stressed, or want to fit in with others.
  3. But using drugs to solve problems or feel better can make things worse in the long run.
  4. Drugs can damage our organs like our heart, liver, and brain if we use them too much.
  5. They can also make it hard for us to focus in school and do our best in activities we enjoy.
  6. People who use drugs might have trouble making good choices and staying safe.
  7. Drug abuse can hurt relationships with family and friends and make it hard to trust others.
  8. If we know someone who is struggling with drug abuse, we can encourage them to talk to a trusted adult for help.
  9. It’s important to understand that it’s okay to ask for help if we or someone we know is dealing with drug abuse.
  10. Together, we can work to prevent drug abuse and create a healthier, happier community for everyone.

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