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The Election Commission is the guardian of democracy in our country, overseeing the entire election process to ensure everything runs smoothly and fairly. It’s as if they hold the map that guides us through the complex journey of voting, from start to finish. This ensures that every citizen’s vote counts and the true voice of the people is reflected in the outcomes. But what makes the Election Commission stand out, and what are its key responsibilities? By unfolding the ten critical aspects of the Election Commission, we will step into a world where fairness, transparency, and justice in elections aren’t just ideals but realities. Let’s embark on this enlightening journey to understand how the Election Commission safeguards our democratic values and ensures that every election is a step toward a brighter future.


10 Lines on Election Commission – Set 1

  1. The Election Commission helps run voting.
  2. It makes sure elections are fair.
  3. The commission sets election dates.
  4. They check if voting rules are followed.
  5. It helps people learn how to vote.
  6. The group counts all the votes.
  7. They announce who wins.
  8. It’s in every country that votes.
  9. They solve election problems.
  10. The Election Commission keeps voting safe.


10 Lines on Election Commission – Set 2

  1. The Election Commission helps to make sure that elections are fair and everyone gets a chance to vote.
  2. It’s like the referee in a game, making sure everything is fair and everyone follows the rules.
  3. The Election Commission helps organize elections so people can choose their leaders.
  4. They make sure that no one cheats or does anything wrong during the voting process.
  5. Before the election, they make sure everyone knows when and where to vote.
  6. They also make sure that the voting places are safe and easy to get to.
  7. The Election Commission counts all the votes carefully to decide who wins.
  8. They announce the results of the election for everyone to know.
  9. The Election Commission helps us to have a peaceful and fair way to choose our leaders.
  10. We can trust the Election Commission to make sure our voices are heard in elections.
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10 Lines on Election Commission – Set 3

  1. The Election Commission is like a big team that helps make sure elections are fair and square. It’s a group of people who organize and supervise elections in our country.
  2. The Election Commission makes sure that everyone gets a chance to vote and that the voting process is fair. They help keep elections honest and make sure that the rules are followed.
  3. The Election Commission is made up of different people who are responsible for different jobs. There are commissioners, officers, and staff members who all work together to make elections happen smoothly.
  4. The Election Commission does many things! They decide when elections will happen, make sure people are registered to vote, set up polling stations where people can vote, and count all the votes.
  5. The Election Commission helps voters by providing them with all the information they need to vote, like where and when to vote, and what documents to bring. They also make sure that voting is easy and safe for everyone.
  6. The Election Commission follows strict rules to ensure that elections are fair. They make sure that no one cheats or tries to influence voters unfairly. Everyone has to follow these rules to make sure the election results are fair and accurate.
  7. The Election Commission uses special measures to ensure fairness, like using ballot boxes to keep votes safe, having impartial observers at polling stations, and making sure that voting machines work properly.
  8. No, the Election Commission works all year round! They plan for upcoming elections, update voter lists, train election officials, and make sure everything is ready when it’s time to vote.
  9. Anyone who has questions or concerns about the election process can ask for help from the Election Commission. They are there to help everyone understand how voting works and to solve any problems that may come up.
  10. The Election Commission plays a vital role in our democracy by ensuring that elections are free, fair, and accessible to all citizens. By upholding the rules and principles of democracy, the Election Commission helps to protect our rights and ensure that our voices are heard through the power of voting.
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