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Elections are like the heartbeat of a country, keeping the flow of democracy alive and vibrant. They offer everyone a voice, from the bustling cities to the quiet countryside, ensuring that every opinion matters. Elections are crucial because they decide who makes the important decisions affecting our lives, schools, and communities. As we dive into the world of elections, we’ll explore why they’re essential, how they work, and the impact they have on us all. This journey will help us understand the power of our voice and the strength of our vote. Let’s embark on this adventure together, discovering the pillars that hold up the democratic world around us.


10 Lines on Election – Set 1

  1. Elections let people choose leaders.
  2. Voters mark choices on ballots.
  3. Many countries hold elections.
  4. Leaders serve for set times.
  5. Elections happen at different levels.
  6. Fair elections are very important.
  7. People campaign before elections.
  8. Election Day is special.
  9. Winners make important decisions.
  10. Voting is a citizen’s duty.


10 Lines on Election – Set 2

  1. Elections use secret ballots.
  2. Candidates represent different ideas.
  3. Schools sometimes hold elections.
  4. Voting ages vary by country.
  5. Elections can change governments.
  6. Some elections are for laws.
  7. Media covers election news.
  8. Election results are announced.
  9. Observers ensure fair voting.
  10. Everyone’s vote counts equally.


10 Lines on Election – Set 3

  1. An election is like a big vote where people choose leaders.
  2. We have elections to pick who will run our country, state, or city.
  3. Elections help everyone have a say in how things are done.
  4. People who want to be leaders tell us what they would do to help our community.
  5. We listen to their ideas and then decide who we want to vote for.
  6. Elections are fair because everyone gets to vote, no matter who they are.
  7. We can vote for different people or ideas by marking a paper or pressing buttons on a machine.
  8. Once everyone has voted, we count up the votes to see who won.
  9. The person or idea with the most votes becomes the leader or gets chosen.
  10. Elections happen regularly, so we always have a chance to choose new leaders or keep the ones we like.
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10 Lines on Election – Set 4

  1. Voting in an election is like making a big decision for our community.
  2. It’s important to vote because it helps our voices be heard.
  3. Elections can happen for different things, like picking a president or making new laws.
  4. People who want to be leaders in an election often talk to us and share their plans.
  5. We can ask questions to understand their ideas better before we vote.
  6. In some elections, we vote for a person, and in others, we vote for ideas or laws.
  7. Voting is a right that everyone should use to help make our community better.
  8. Even though we might not all agree, it’s important to respect each other’s choices.
  9. Elections teach us about democracy and working together to make decisions.
  10. When we participate in elections, we help shape the future of our community and country.

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