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Remember when everyone was talking about different social media platforms? Google Plus was one of them, created by one of the biggest technology companies in the world—Google. Although it’s no longer active, Google Plus had some unique features that set it apart from others. In this article, we are going to dive into the history of Google Plus and find out what made it interesting for so many users. Let’s start this journey through one of the digital world’s past adventures!


10 Lines on Google Plus – Set 1

  1. Google Plus was a social media site made by Google.
  2. It started in June 2011 and people shared photos and updates.
  3. Users could “Circle” friends to see their news.
  4. There were “Hangouts” for video chats with friends.
  5. You could join “Communities” to talk about hobbies.
  6. Google Plus had games and fun quizzes.
  7. It was known for its clean and simple design.
  8. Schools and companies used it for meetings.
  9. Google Plus closed down in April 2019.
  10. People moved to other sites like Facebook and Twitter.


10 Lines on Google Plus – Set 2

  1. Google Plus was a social network created by a company named Google.
  2. It allowed people to share photos, messages, and join groups called “circles.”
  3. Users could “plus one” posts, which is similar to liking something on other social media.
  4. Google Plus was special because it let you sort friends into different groups.
  5. People used it to meet others with similar hobbies and interests.
  6. It had a feature called “Hangouts” where you could video chat with friends.
  7. Google Plus also helped people create events and invite others.
  8. It was known for its clean and simple design.
  9. The network was available on computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  10. Google decided to close Google Plus in 2019 because not enough people were using it.
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10 Lines on Google Plus – Set 3

  1. Google Plus was launched by Google in 2011 to help people connect online.
  2. It allowed users to share updates and news with friends or the public.
  3. One of its features was creating communities where people with similar interests could gather.
  4. Google Plus included fun tools like polls and quizzes in posts.
  5. It was used by many artists and photographers to showcase their work.
  6. The platform encouraged sharing longer stories or articles than some other social networks.
  7. Google Plus had strict privacy settings to protect users’ information.
  8. Schools and teachers sometimes used it for class projects and discussions.
  9. Over time, it became less popular compared to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  10. Google Plus officially stopped being available to users in April 2019.

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