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We all know how important it is to stay healthy, but sometimes we forget why it’s so crucial. Health is like a treasure, making everything in life brighter and more enjoyable. Without good health, even the simplest tasks can feel impossible. It’s the key to a happy life, allowing us to run, play, and learn without any trouble. Transitioning from understanding health as just eating fruits and veggies, this article dives deeper into why “Health is Wealth”. We’ll explore the ten essential lines that remind us of the true value of being healthy, making it easier for us to remember to take care of ourselves every day.


10 Lines on Health is Wealth – Set 1

  1. Health is like a treasure chest filled with happiness and energy.
  2. Eating colorful fruits and veggies makes our bodies strong and mighty.
  3. Running, jumping, and playing help our hearts beat happily.
  4. Washing our hands keeps away sneaky germs that make us sick.
  5. Sleeping well at night helps us grow big and tall, like mighty trees.
  6. Drinking water quenches our thirst and keeps us refreshed all day.
  7. Saying “no” to too many sweets keeps our teeth shiny and bright.
  8. Laughing and smiling with friends fills our hearts with joy and laughter.
  9. Taking deep breaths calms our minds and helps us feel peaceful.
  10. Remember, taking care of our health is the greatest treasure we can have!
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10 Lines on Health is Wealth – Set 2

  1. Health is like a treasure because when we are healthy, we can play, learn, and have fun with our friends.
  2. Eating fruits, vegetables, and drinking lots of water keeps our body strong and helps us fight off germs.
  3. Exercise is important; activities like running, jumping, and playing sports keep our heart happy and our muscles strong.
  4. Getting enough sleep every night helps our body rest and repair, making us ready for a new day of adventures.
  5. Keeping clean, like washing our hands and brushing our teeth, stops germs from making us sick.
  6. Laughing and having a good time with friends and family makes our heart light and keeps stress away.
  7. Learning new things and solving puzzles can keep our brain sharp and clever, just like exercising does for our body.
  8. Being kind and helping others makes us feel good inside and builds strong friendships.
  9. Taking deep breaths and staying calm can help us when we feel scared or upset.
  10. Remember, when we take good care of our health, we can do our best at school, at play, and in life, making health our most precious wealth.


10 Lines on Health is Wealth – Set 3

  1. Health is like a treasure chest that keeps our bodies strong and happy. When we eat fruits and vegetables, we give our bodies the fuel they need to stay healthy and grow.
  2. Exercise is like magic for our bodies. When we run, jump, or play outside, we make our hearts strong and our muscles grow big and strong.
  3. Washing our hands is super important! It helps keep germs away and stops us from getting sick. Remember to wash your hands before eating and after using the bathroom.
  4. Getting enough sleep is like recharging our batteries. Our bodies need rest to grow, learn, and stay healthy. So make sure to get plenty of sleep each night.
  5. It’s fun to play and have adventures, but it’s also important to be safe. Wearing helmets when riding bikes or scooters, and using seat belts in cars keeps us safe and protects our precious bodies.
  6. Drinking water is like giving our bodies a cool, refreshing drink of life! Water helps us stay hydrated, keeps our skin healthy, and helps our bodies work properly.
  7. Laughter is good medicine! When we laugh and smile, it makes us feel happy inside. So, don’t forget to giggle and share jokes with friends.
  8. Eating too many sugary snacks and drinks can be like inviting trouble into our bodies. While they might taste yummy, they can hurt our teeth and make us feel tired.
  9. Saying “no” to smoking and drugs is like being a superhero! They can harm our bodies and make us sick. We want to keep our bodies strong and healthy, so we say “no, thank you!”.
  10. Remember, our bodies are like amazing machines, and they need love and care to work their best. So let’s treasure our health and make good choices every day!
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