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Many old cities in India are full of history but are getting lost in today’s fast-paced life. We need to find a way to keep our history alive while we build modern cities. That’s where HRIDAY comes in. It’s a special plan to help keep our past part of our future. We’re going to look at how HRIDAY makes it possible for our cities to grow but still remember their history.


10 Lines on HRIDAY – Set 1

  1. HRIDAY means “Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana.”
  2. It’s a plan to make old cities in India look nicer.
  3. The project started by the government in 2015.
  4. It helps in fixing and beautifying historical places.
  5. 12 cities in India are part of HRIDAY.
  6. These cities have lots of history and culture.
  7. The plan makes sure tourists enjoy these cities more.
  8. It also helps local people by improving their towns.
  9. Parks, roads, and lights get better under HRIDAY.
  10. It’s about keeping our history safe and showing it off.


10 Lines on HRIDAY- Set 2

  1. HRIDAY stands for “Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana,” it’s a project by our government to make our old cities more beautiful and better to live in.
  2. This plan focuses on keeping the special parts of our cities that tell stories from the past while adding new things to make life better for the people living there.
  3. HRIDAY was started to help 12 cities in our country, making sure they keep their charm but also get modern benefits like clean water and good roads.
  4. One of the goals is to make these cities nicer for tourists, so more people come to visit and see how special our history is.
  5. The project not only makes the cities look better but also helps people living there by creating more jobs, especially for those in the tourism industry.
  6. HRIDAY pays special attention to the areas around important historical places, making sure they are well taken care of and easy for people to visit.
  7. The project uses a mix of new technology and traditional ways to solve city problems, making sure the old and the new work well together.
  8. It also involves the people living in these cities, asking for their ideas and help, making it a team effort to improve their home.
  9. By improving the basic needs like water, roads, and electricity, HRIDAY makes daily life better for thousands of people.
  10. Through HRIDAY, our government shows how important it is to respect our past while building a better future for everyone.
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10 Lines on HRIDAY – Set 3

  1. HRIDAY helps cities to keep their old stories alive.
  2. It includes famous cities like Varanasi and Amritsar.
  3. The plan also makes it safer to walk in these cities.
  4. It creates nice places for people to meet and talk.
  5. Local arts and crafts get a big boost from HRIDAY.
  6. The project makes old buildings strong again.
  7. It also puts up signs to tell you about historic spots.
  8. Cleanliness in these cities gets better with HRIDAY.
  9. Schools and museums in the area look nicer too.
  10. HRIDAY is about loving and caring for our old cities.

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