10 Lines on India’s First Underwater Metro – Grammar Library

India is setting a new benchmark in urban transportation with its first underwater metro. This innovative project takes us beyond traditional travel, offering a glimpse into the future of commuting. It’s not merely a mode of transport; it’s an experience that promises to change our mornings and evenings, making every journey memorable. As we explore this marvel, we’ll see how technology and vision have come together to create a pathway beneath the water, seamlessly integrating the thrill of exploration with the rhythm of daily life. This underwater metro is more than just a route; it’s a bridge to new possibilities in travel.


10 Lines on India’s First Underwater Metro – Set 1

  1. India’s first underwater metro is in Kolkata.
  2. It travels beneath the Hooghly River.
  3. This metro connects two main city areas.
  4. It makes travel faster for many people.
  5. The tunnel is very modern and safe.
  6. It’s a cool way to see the river above!
  7. This project shows India’s smart engineering.
  8. The ride is smooth and quite exciting.
  9. It’s a big step in improving city transport.
  10. This metro is eco-friendly and efficient.


10 Lines on India’s First Underwater Metro – Set 2

  1. India’s first underwater metro is being built in Kolkata, a big city in India.
  2. This metro line will travel under a river called the Hooghly, which is very wide and deep.
  3. It’s like a magical train that swims under water, but it’s safe inside a tunnel.
  4. This special metro helps people travel faster, skipping the busy roads and bridges.
  5. The tunnel under the river is made strong so that water cannot get in.
  6. Engineers use big machines to dig the tunnel and make sure it’s safe for everyone.
  7. When finished, it will be the coolest way to go from one side of the river to the other.
  8. The underwater metro will have stations where people can get on and off, just like a regular train.
  9. It’s not just fast and fun, but also good for the environment because it creates less pollution.
  10. This underwater train is a big step for India, showing how smart and creative we can be with technology.
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10 Lines on India’s First Underwater Metro – Set 3

  1. Kolkata’s underwater metro is a first in India.
  2. It goes under water, which is really unique.
  3. Two city spots get connected by this metro.
  4. It helps in reducing traffic on the roads.
  5. The tunnel technology used is top-notch.
  6. Passengers get a quick and comfy journey.
  7. It’s an example of great Indian innovation.
  8. Kids and adults find the ride thrilling.
  9. It boosts public transport in a big way.
  10. The metro is good for the environment too.

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