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Rules are important, aren’t they? They help us know what’s right and wrong. Countries also follow special rules called International Law. This helps them live together on our big planet without too much trouble. It’s like a guide for how countries should treat each other and our world. In this article, we’re going to learn about these rules and why they’re so special.

10 Lines on International Law – Set 1

  1. International law is a set of rules that countries follow to get along.
  2. It helps countries trade goods and services fairly.
  3. This law keeps peace by solving disputes without fighting.
  4. Countries make treaties, which are like promises, to follow these rules.
  5. International law protects the ocean, space, and air we share.
  6. It also looks out for people’s rights, no matter where they are.
  7. The United Nations is a big group that helps enforce these laws.
  8. Breaking these rules can lead to being excluded or punished by other countries.
  9. It includes rules for treating people kindly during wars.
  10. International law helps make the world a safer and fairer place for everyone.


10 Lines on International Law – Set 2

  1. International law is a set of rules that countries follow to get along with each other.
  2. These laws help countries cooperate on things like trade, safety, and environmental protection.
  3. The United Nations is an important group that helps create and enforce these laws.
  4. International law also helps protect human rights, making sure people are treated fairly worldwide.
  5. Countries that break these rules can face consequences like being excluded from trade deals.
  6. International law covers topics like not starting wars and helping refugees.
  7. It includes rules about the sea and air to make sure ships and planes can travel safely.
  8. These laws also prevent the spread of weapons and support peace between countries.
  9. International courts can judge cases if countries have disagreements about the rules.
  10. Understanding international law helps countries work together better and maintain peace.
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10 Lines on International Law – Set 3

  1. International law is made by agreements between countries called treaties.
  2. It helps countries work together on global issues like climate change and health.
  3. There are laws that protect the ocean and animals living in it from pollution and overfishing.
  4. International law also makes sure that astronauts from any country can explore space safely.
  5. Countries agree to follow these laws to improve relationships and help each other grow.
  6. When countries don’t agree, they can talk it out at international meetings instead of fighting.
  7. These laws help control diseases by setting health standards that all countries should follow.
  8. It ensures that people can fly or sail to other countries without too many problems.
  9. International law encourages countries to share knowledge and technology for everyone’s benefit.
  10. Learning about international law is important because it shows how countries depend on each other.


10 Lines on International Law – Set 4

  • International law is like a big set of rules that countries follow to get along with each other.
  • These rules help countries trade things like toys and food safely and fairly.
  • International law also keeps peace by helping countries solve disagreements without fighting.
  • It protects the earth, like making sure the air and oceans are clean for everyone.
  • These laws also make sure people are treated kindly and fairly, no matter where they are from.
  • Countries talk and make agreements to create these rules, kind of like how friends make promises to share and play nicely.
  • Sometimes, there are special judges who help solve problems when countries can’t agree on the rules.
  • International law helps protect important places, like forests and ancient buildings, so everyone can enjoy them.
  • It also makes sure that people who travel or live in different countries are safe and looked after.
  • By following international law, countries work together to make the world a better place for everyone.
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