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In a world buzzing with gadgets, toys, and all sorts of goodies, where do you think they all come from? “Make in India” is a magical phrase that’s turning India into a big workshop where amazing things are made! But wait, why is this so special? Well, when things are made right where we live, it’s like having a giant factory in our own backyard. This not only makes it easier for us to get cool stuff but also helps many people get jobs. This is what “Make in India” is all about – making our country a place where ideas come to life and dreams are built, piece by piece. Now, let’s dive deeper and see how this wonderful idea is changing our world!


10 Lines on Make in India – Set 1

  1. Make in India is a campaign started by the Indian government.
  2. Its aim is to boost manufacturing in India.
  3. The campaign encourages companies to produce goods in India.
  4. It aims to reduce dependency on imported products.
  5. Make in India promotes job creation in the country.
  6. It encourages foreign investment in Indian industries.
  7. The campaign focuses on various sectors like technology, automobiles, and textiles.
  8. Make in India aims to improve the country’s economy.
  9. It emphasizes the importance of Indian-made products.
  10. The campaign promotes India as a global manufacturing hub.


10 Lines on Make in India – Set 2

  1. “Make in India” is a big plan by our government to encourage companies to manufacture their products in India.
  2. It started in September 2014 to boost India’s economy and create lots of job opportunities.
  3. The lion in the “Make in India” logo stands for strength, courage, and progress.
  4. This campaign helps India become more popular as a manufacturing hub to the world.
  5. It focuses on 25 sectors like automobiles, chemicals, IT, and textiles to increase their growth and skill development.
  6. “Make in India” makes it easier for investors from other countries to invest in India.
  7. It aims to make high-quality products in India which can be sold around the world.
  8. The initiative also helps in improving India’s infrastructure and making the environment better for businesses.
  9. “Make in India” has helped increase India’s global rankings in terms of business and investment.
  10. It’s all about making India a self-reliant country and boosting pride in products made in our own country.
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10 Lines on Make in India – Set 3

  1. “Make in India” encourages companies from all over the world to set up their factories in India.
  2. The campaign was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to transform India into a global manufacturing leader.
  3. It also aims to create millions of jobs in India, helping many families.
  4. The initiative promotes innovation, protects intellectual property, and builds best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure.
  5. “Make in India” also uses digital technology to help businesses and make processes faster and more transparent.
  6. It supports small businesses and startups to grow and become part of the global market.
  7. The program has led to a significant increase in foreign investments in India.
  8. Education and training programs are also part of “Make in India” to equip workers with necessary skills.
  9. It encourages sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.
  10. “Make in India” represents a new chapter in India’s development, making it a strong and self-sufficient nation.

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