10 Lines on Mathura Junction Railway Station – Grammar Library

The heart of India’s railway network beats through stations like Mathura Junction, where every arrival and departure marks a moment in someone’s journey. This railway station is more than just a point on the map; it’s a gateway to the historic and vibrant city of Mathura. With its strategic location and bustling platforms, Mathura Junction serves as a key link in connecting various parts of the country. In this article, we’ll dive into the fascinating aspects of Mathura Junction, shedding light on its role in facilitating travel and commerce. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Mathura Junction not just a transit point, but a significant landmark in the vast Indian railway system.


10 Lines on Mathura Junction Railway Station – Set 1

  1. Mathura Junction is a big railway station in Uttar Pradesh, India.
  2. It is one of the oldest railway stations, serving many travelers.
  3. Trains from all over India stop here, connecting Mathura to many cities.
  4. It is very important because it is near the birthplace of Lord Krishna.
  5. Many people visit Mathura for religious festivals and use this station.
  6. The station has many platforms where different trains come and go.
  7. It is always busy with tourists and local people traveling.
  8. Mathura Junction also helps move goods to different parts of the country.
  9. The station is well-organized to handle many passengers safely.
  10. It is a key point for traveling in Northern India, making it special.
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10 Lines on Mathura Junction Railway Station – Set 2

  1. Mathura Junction is a busy railway station located in the city of Mathura, India.
  2. It serves as a crucial transportation hub connecting various cities across the country.
  3. The station has multiple platforms where trains arrive and depart throughout the day.
  4. Passengers can board trains here to reach different parts of India.
  5. Mathura Junction is well-equipped with facilities like ticket counters, waiting areas, and food stalls.
  6. Trains from Mathura Junction travel to popular destinations like Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.
  7. The station is usually bustling with people, especially during peak travel times.
  8. It is essential for passengers to arrive on time to catch their trains.
  9. Mathura Junction plays a vital role in facilitating travel and transportation in the region.
  10. Many people rely on this railway station for their daily commute and travel needs.


10 Lines on Mathura Junction Railway Station – Set 3

  1. Mathura Junction is a major railway station in the city of Mathura in India.
  2. It is one of the oldest railway stations in the country and has been operating for many years.
  3. The station is very busy as it connects to many other cities and places of importance.
  4. People travel from Mathura Junction to visit religious places and for business trips too.
  5. The station has several platforms where different trains arrive and depart throughout the day.
  6. It is well-maintained and has facilities like waiting rooms and food stalls for passengers.
  7. Many tourists come to Mathura to visit temples and they often travel through this station.
  8. The railway station is important for the local economy because it helps in transportation.
  9. Mathura Junction also has a special place for parking bicycles and cars.
  10. Every year, the station handles millions of passengers who come to see the city’s famous sites.
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10 Lines on Mathura Junction Railway Station – Set 4

  1. Mathura Junction railway station is located in Uttar Pradesh, a state in northern India.
  2. It serves as a key hub for travelers going to nearby historical and religious destinations.
  3. The station is equipped with modern amenities to help passengers have a comfortable journey.
  4. There are digital boards that show train schedules and platform numbers for easy navigation.
  5. Mathura Junction is known for its cleanliness and safety measures which are great for families.
  6. The station staff are friendly and ready to help with information and guidance.
  7. It is connected by several major train routes, making it accessible from various parts of India.
  8. Special facilities are available for senior citizens and disabled individuals at the station.
  9. Trains from Mathura Junction go to many famous cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.
  10. The railway station also has a small book stall where travelers can buy books and magazines.

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