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Getting vaccinated is like putting on invisible armor that guards our bodies against sickness. In India, a significant campaign called Mission Indradhanush has been launched to make sure every child and pregnant woman receives this protection. This initiative targets those who haven’t been vaccinated, making sure they get the necessary shots to fight off serious illnesses. Understanding Mission Indradhanush helps us appreciate how essential vaccines are for maintaining public health. This article will uncover the details of the mission and explain its importance in keeping communities healthy. Join us as we explore the vibrant efforts of Mission Indradhanush.


10 Lines on Mission Indradhanush – Set 1

  1. Mission Indradhanush is a vaccination program by the Government of India.
  2. Its aim is to immunize all children against preventable diseases.
  3. The mission focuses on reaching children in remote and underserved areas.
  4. It targets diseases like polio, measles, and tuberculosis.
  5. Mission Indradhanush provides free vaccines to children and pregnant women.
  6. It conducts regular vaccination drives in various parts of the country.
  7. Health workers go door-to-door to ensure no child is left unvaccinated.
  8. The mission has significantly reduced the number of cases of preventable diseases.
  9. It emphasizes the importance of immunization for a healthy society.
  10. Mission Indradhanush plays a crucial role in saving lives and promoting public health.


10 Lines on Mission Indradhanush – Set 2

  1. Mission Indradhanush is a program started by the government of India to help children stay healthy.
  2. It was launched on December 25, 2014, to make sure children under 2 years old and pregnant women get vaccinated.
  3. The mission’s main goal is to protect them from seven dangerous diseases like measles and polio.
  4. Vaccines are like shields; they protect us from illnesses that can make us very sick.
  5. The government visits different parts of India, even remote areas, to give these important vaccines.
  6. Because of Mission Indradhanush, many children can now fight off diseases more effectively.
  7. The program aims to cover all the children who missed their vaccination for any reason.
  8. Health workers play a big role in this mission by giving vaccines and teaching families about their benefits.
  9. By getting vaccinated, children can go to school and play without worrying about getting these diseases.
  10. Every year, the program tries to reach more children and make the future of India healthier.
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10 Lines on Mission Indradhanush – Set 3

  1. Mission Indradhanush was named after the rainbow to symbolize its aim to cover a wide range of health issues.
  2. This program is important because it aims to reach 90% of all children in India with life-saving vaccines.
  3. Vaccines help the body learn how to fight diseases without actually getting sick first.
  4. The mission focuses on children in far-away places who might not have easy access to hospitals.
  5. Since its start, many children and mothers have been vaccinated, preventing a lot of illnesses.
  6. The program includes vaccines for hepatitis, whooping cough, and other serious illnesses.
  7. Every few months, special vaccination campaigns are held in different parts of the country.
  8. Schools and community centers often help by telling families when and where to get vaccinated.
  9. Doctors and nurses are trained specially to make sure they give the vaccinations safely and gently.
  10. Thanks to Mission Indradhanush, many lives have been saved, and children grow up healthier and happier.

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