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In a country as diverse and dynamic as India, envisioning the future is like painting on a vast canvas. By 2047, India will mark a monumental 100 years of independence, opening new chapters of growth and development. This milestone year offers a unique opportunity to reflect on our hopes and aspirations for the nation. What kind of India do we wish to see?

An India that thrives on innovation, cherishes its heritage, and ensures prosperity for all its citizens. Through the lens of these 10 lines on my vision for India in 2047, we aim to sketch a picture of an inclusive, advanced, and sustainable India. Let’s take the first step on this enlightening journey, painting our dreams with words.

10 LINE My Vision for India in 2047

10 Lines on My Vision for India in 2047 – Set 1

  1. Every family has a cozy home.
  2. Parks and gardens are in every city.
  3. Schools are fun and full of tech gadgets.
  4. Clean air to breathe, no pollution.
  5. Fast trains and electric buses everywhere.
  6. Healthy food is easy to find.
  7. People from all places live happily together.
  8. Animals and trees are protected.
  9. Everyone can go to a doctor easily.
  10. Space trips are a new adventure for us.


10 Lines on My Vision for India in 2047 – Set 2

  1. In 2047, my vision for India is a country where everyone has access to good schools, hospitals, and clean water.
  2. I imagine a future where technology helps us solve big problems, like pollution and poverty, making our cities cleaner and our people healthier.
  3. I dream of a India where everyone, no matter where they come from or what they look like, is treated with kindness and respect.
  4. I see a nation where every child has the chance to go to school and learn new things, helping them build a better future for themselves and their families.
  5. In my vision for India, there are beautiful parks and gardens everywhere, where people can enjoy nature and play with their friends and family.
  6. I hope for a future where renewable energy sources like solar and wind power provide electricity to every home, helping us protect our environment.
  7. I picture a India where farmers have modern tools and techniques to grow more food, feeding everyone in the country and reducing hunger.
  8. I imagine a society where animals are treated kindly and their habitats are protected, so that future generations can enjoy the beauty of our wildlife.
  9. In my vision for India, there are opportunities for everyone to find good jobs and pursue their passions, helping our economy grow stronger.
  10. Overall, my dream for India in 2047 is a country where love, peace, and progress go hand in hand, making it a wonderful place for all its people to live in harmony.
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10 Lines on My Vision for India in 2047 – Set 3

  1. In 2047, I see India as a big garden, where cities, towns, and villages are full of green trees, colorful flowers, and clean rivers, making our country look like a beautiful painting.
  2. Everyone in India will go to school, just like we go to the playground to play, making learning fun and exciting for every child, no matter where they live.
  3. Our streets and parks will be so clean that we can sit and read or play anywhere we like, because every person will take care of the environment like it’s their own home.
  4. Animals, from the majestic elephants to the tiny sparrows, will be safe and happy in India, living in forests that are protected and cared for by all of us.
  5. People from all parts of India, no matter what language they speak or what festivals they celebrate, will share stories and sweets, making our country a big family that loves and respects each other.
  6. India will be known as the land of inventors, where boys and girls, just like us, come up with amazing ideas to solve problems and make life better for everyone.
  7. Our farmers will have magical gardens, where fruits and vegetables grow all year round, feeding everyone healthy and tasty food that keeps us strong and smiling.
  8. Every home in India, from the tallest buildings to the coziest huts, will have bright lights, clean water, and the internet, connecting us to the world and to each other.
  9. Our country will be a playground for all kinds of sports, where children and adults come together to play, cheer, and celebrate health and happiness.
  10. India in 2047 will be like a shining star, a place where dreams come true, and where every day is an adventure filled with learning, laughter, and love.
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