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Every year, many children across our country show courage in extraordinary ways. The National Bravery Award honors young heroes who have performed incredible acts of bravery. These courageous kids come from different backgrounds, but they all share the same spirit of valor and determination. This award not only recognizes their bravery but also inspires other children to act fearlessly when faced with danger. As we explore what makes these young individuals stand out, we can learn about the true meaning of courage and how it can appear in unexpected moments. Let’s delve into the stories of these remarkable children and the brave deeds that earned them national recognition.


10 Lines on National Bravery Award – Set 1

  1. The National Bravery Award is given to brave children in India.
  2. It started in 1957 to honor brave acts by kids.
  3. Kids between 6 and 18 years can get this award.
  4. Both boys and girls can win if they show courage.
  5. The award is given every year on Republic Day.
  6. Winners get a medal, a certificate, and a cash prize.
  7. Some children even get to meet the Prime Minister.
  8. The award reminds everyone that even kids can be heroes.
  9. Stories of these brave kids inspire others to be brave too.
  10. It celebrates young heroes who help others in danger.


10 Lines on National Bravery Award – Set 2

  1. The National Bravery Award is given to children in India who do very brave acts.
  2. This award was started by the Indian Council for Child Welfare in 1957.
  3. Children between the ages of 6 and 18 can receive this special honor.
  4. Every year, on January 26, which is Republic Day, the awards are given.
  5. The winners get medals, certificates, and sometimes cash prizes.
  6. These brave kids also get to meet important leaders of India.
  7. Some children who win this award have saved others from fires or accidents.
  8. The award helps everyone know about the courageous things these kids have done.
  9. It encourages other children to be brave and help people in need.
  10. Winning this award is very prestigious and a big honor for young heroes.
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10 Lines on National Bravery Award – Set 3

  1. The National Bravery Award is a special honor given to courageous children in India who perform bold acts to help others in danger.
  2. These awards are presented every year by the Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW), showing how much we value bravery in young people.
  3. Kids between the ages of 6 and 18 can receive this award if they have shown exceptional courage in saving lives or preventing injuries.
  4. The awards are given out on Republic Day, January 26, in a ceremony that celebrates the brave deeds of these young heroes.
  5. Some of the children who receive this award have saved people from fires, drownings, or even stopped crimes, showing their quick thinking and bravery.
  6. Award winners not only get a medal and a certificate but also a cash prize to acknowledge their courageous actions.
  7. The stories of these brave children are often shared in schools and on television to inspire other kids to act bravely and help others.
  8. The National Bravery Award has different categories, recognizing different types of courageous acts, from saving lives to providing aid in emergencies.
  9. Since the awards started in 1957, hundreds of children have been honored, making it a long-standing tradition that continues to inspire.
  10. Winning this award is very prestigious and reminds us that even as kids, we can make a big difference in the world through our actions.


10 Lines on National Bravery Award – Set 4

  1. The National Bravery Award was first given in 1957, after a brave act by a child named Harish Chandra, and it has grown to become a nationally recognized honor.
  2. Each year, the bravery of these children is highlighted in newspapers and on television, bringing their stories of heroism to the attention of the entire country.
  3. The recipients of this award are invited to participate in the Republic Day parade in New Delhi, where they are seen by leaders and citizens alike.
  4. Many past awardees have grown up to become influential figures, showing that their bravery in childhood was the beginning of a life of service.
  5. The bravery awards have inspired similar honors in other countries, showcasing the global importance of recognizing young heroes.
  6. Recipients are also given financial assistance to support their education, ensuring that their brave acts lead to greater opportunities for their future.
  7. Some of these children have performed life-saving acts without any prior training, relying purely on instinct and courage, which is incredibly inspiring.
  8. The ICCW also offers counseling and support to the awardees and their families, helping them handle the attention and continue their education.
  9. The awards bring attention to the importance of bravery and selflessness among children, encouraging them to think of others before themselves.
  10. Overall, the National Bravery Award helps build a culture of courage and kindness, making these young recipients role models for their peers.
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