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Sometimes, big problems seem like they can’t be fixed, like when we hear about sicknesses with no cure or people fighting instead of getting along. It might make us wonder if anyone can do anything about it. Well, there’s something special called the Nobel Prize that shows us that people can and do make huge differences. This prize is a big deal because it’s given to those who find ways to fix these big problems, proving that even the toughest challenges can be tackled with hard work and smart thinking.


10 Lines on Nobel Prize – Set 1

  1. The Nobel Prize is a special award given to people who do great things to help others.
  2. It’s named after Alfred Nobel, a man who invented dynamite but wanted to make the world better.
  3. There are different types of Nobel Prizes for different fields like science, literature, and peace.
  4. Winners of the Nobel Prize get a medal, a diploma, and a big sum of money.
  5. People who find cures for diseases or make important discoveries often win Nobel Prizes.
  6. Writers who write amazing books that teach us new things can also win Nobel Prizes.
  7. Nobel Prizes in peace are given to people who work hard to make the world a peaceful place.
  8. The Nobel Prizes are announced every year, and the winners are celebrated worldwide.
  9. Many famous and inspiring people have won Nobel Prizes, like Malala Yousafzai and Albert Einstein.
  10. The Nobel Prize reminds us that even small actions can lead to big changes and make the world a better place.
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10 Lines on Nobel Prize – Set 2

  1. The Nobel Prize is a special award given to people who have done amazing things for the world.
  2. It was created by Alfred Nobel, a scientist from Sweden, who invented dynamite.
  3. There are prizes for peace, literature, medicine, physics, chemistry, and economic sciences.
  4. The Peace Prize is unique because it’s given out in Norway, while the others are presented in Sweden.
  5. Winners of the Nobel Prize get a gold medal, a diploma, and some money to continue their work.
  6. The prizes are awarded every year on December 10th, the day Alfred Nobel passed away.
  7. Sometimes, more than one person can win a Nobel Prize together for their teamwork.
  8. The Nobel Prize for Peace is given to those who help bring peace and solve conflicts in the world.
  9. The youngest person to ever win a Nobel Prize was Malala Yousafzai; she won the Peace Prize for standing up for girls’ education.
  10. Winning a Nobel Prize is a huge honor, and it means your work has helped make the world a better place.


10 Lines on Nobel Prize – Set 3

  1. Alfred Nobel started the Nobel Prizes with his will, wanting to leave a positive mark on the world.
  2. The first Nobel Prizes were awarded in 1901, and they’ve been a big deal ever since.
  3. The Nobel Prize in Literature is awarded to authors, poets, and playwrights who create outstanding works.
  4. In science categories like physics and chemistry, the prize often goes to discoveries that change how we understand the world.
  5. The Nobel Prize in Medicine is given to those who make significant advances in health and medicine, helping save lives.
  6. Every Nobel Prize ceremony includes speeches and presentations that celebrate the winners’ achievements.
  7. Not everyone can win a Nobel Prize; nominees are carefully selected by experts in each field.
  8. Some people have won more than one Nobel Prize, but that’s very rare.
  9. Schools and libraries often have books and resources about Nobel Prize winners to inspire students.
  10. The Nobel Prizes remind us that hard work, creativity, and dedication can lead to incredible accomplishments that benefit everyone.
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