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Voting is a special day when people across a country decide their future leaders. But what if this process was simpler, happening all at once for every level of government? This is the idea behind “One Nation, One Election.” This approach suggests that everyone in the country should vote for their local, state, and national leaders on the same day. This could make voting easier to understand and more convenient. However, it’s not just about ease; it’s also about making sure every vote has the same impact. Transitioning to such a system could change how we think about elections, encouraging more people to participate and making the whole process more efficient.


10 Lines on One Nation One Election – Set 1

  1. One nation one election means all elections happen together in the country.
  2. It helps save time and money because we vote only once for all leaders.
  3. One big election reduces confusion and makes voting easier for everyone.
  4. Leaders can focus more on working for us instead of preparing for elections.
  5. It brings unity as everyone votes together for the same leaders.
  6. One nation one election idea wants all states to vote at the same time.
  7. This idea can make our country’s governance smoother and more efficient.
  8. It’s like having one big celebration of democracy for the whole country.
  9. People get more time to understand the issues and choose wisely.
  10. One nation one election can help our country progress faster together.
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10 Lines on One Nation One Election – Set 2

  1. “One nation one election” means having all our elections on the same day.
  2. This idea can help save a lot of time and money.
  3. It means we won’t have to stop our classes for elections many times a year.
  4. Every citizen gets to vote for their leaders in one go, making it simpler.
  5. It helps our country focus more on solving problems instead of always having elections.
  6. This idea can make it easier for people to remember when to vote.
  7. It could mean less disruption to our daily lives, like less traffic on election days.
  8. Elections are important, and doing them all at once can make them even special.
  9. It can also help in reducing the amount of pollution from election campaigns.
  10. “One nation one election” can make voting a big celebration of democracy for everyone.


10 Lines on One Nation One Election – Set 3

  1. With “one nation one election,” all our leaders are chosen on the same day.
  2. This could lead to fewer ads and banners around our towns during election times.
  3. It allows the government to work more efficiently without election interruptions.
  4. Schools and colleges can run without unexpected holidays due to multiple elections.
  5. It encourages everyone to learn about all the elections at once, making us better informed.
  6. This method can help in reducing the amount of paper used, making it eco-friendly.
  7. It might make the election process less confusing for many people.
  8. With elections less frequent, public places stay more accessible for our everyday use.
  9. It could lead to a stronger sense of unity and national spirit on election day.
  10. “One nation one election” aims to streamline democracy, making it easier for everyone.
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