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Peacocks are one of nature’s most spectacular birds, known for their dazzling colors and giant tail feathers. These birds are not just beautiful; they carry deep meanings in many cultures around the world. This article will explore the fascinating world of peacocks, including why their feathers are so colorful and how they use them to perform impressive displays. By learning about peacocks, we can appreciate not only their beauty but also the unique role they play in nature. Let’s delve into the life of the peacock and uncover the secrets behind their splendid feathers.


10 lines on peacock – Set 1

  1. Peacocks are large, colorful birds.
  2. Only male birds are called peacocks.
  3. Females are known as peahens.
  4. They are famous for their long, bright tail feathers.
  5. These feathers spread out in a fan shape.
  6. Peacocks use their tails to impress peahens.
  7. They can also make loud calls.
  8. Peacocks are native to India and Sri Lanka.
  9. They eat plants, insects, and small animals.
  10. Peacocks are national birds of India.


10 Lines on Peacock – Set 2

  1. The peacock is a large and colorful bird, mostly known for its beautiful tail feathers.
  2. Peacocks are famous for their long tails that spread out like a big fan, which they use to impress others.
  3. The male bird is called a peacock, and the female is called a peahen.
  4. Peacocks are native to South Asia and can live in forests, farmlands, and even near villages.
  5. They are omnivores, which means they eat both plants and small creatures like insects.
  6. A peacock’s tail feathers have eye-like designs that are bright and colorful.
  7. When a peacock shakes its tail, it makes a rattling sound to catch attention.
  8. Peacocks can also fly short distances, usually up into trees to escape danger or to roost.
  9. They are often seen in parks and zoos where people can admire their beauty up close.
  10. In many cultures, peacocks are a symbol of beauty and pride.
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10 Lines on Peacock – Set 3

  1. Peacocks belong to the pheasant family and are also known as peafowl.
  2. The beautiful tail display of a peacock is not its actual tail, but its upper tail coverts, which cover the real tail underneath.
  3. Only the males have the colorful feather display; females are mostly brown and less showy.
  4. Baby peacocks are called peachicks and are born with soft, fluffy feathers.
  5. Peacocks have a loud call which they use to communicate with other peafowl and signal danger.
  6. They can live up to 20 years, both in the wild and in captivity.
  7. Peacocks prefer to walk and can often be seen strutting gracefully on the ground.
  8. They shed their long tail feathers once a year after the mating season is over.
  9. Wild peacocks eat a variety of food sources, including plants, flower petals, and small reptiles.
  10. Peacocks have been kept as pets for thousands of years because of their striking appearance and gentle nature.


10 Lines on Peacock – Set 4

  1. Peacocks Are Colorful: Peacocks are known for their bright and colorful feathers. The males have a brilliant display of iridescent blue and green plumage.
  2. Tail Feathers: The male peacock’s tail feathers are very long and can open up into a big fan shape that shows off eye-like designs, which are used to attract females.
  3. Not Just Any Bird: The peacock is actually a type of bird called a peafowl. The males are peacocks and the females are peahens.
  4. Where They Live: Peacocks are native to South Asia and parts of Africa but can be found in many other parts of the world like parks and zoos due to their popularity.
  5. What They Eat: Peacocks eat a variety of foods including plants, insects, and small creatures. This diet helps them maintain their energy and bright feathers.
  6. Sounds They Make: Peacocks are known for their loud calls. They make a sound that is often written as “may-awe, may-awe”.
  7. Baby Peacocks: Baby peacocks are called peachicks. They are born with soft, fluffy feathers and look very different from their parents until they grow older.
  8. Feathers as Decorations: Peacock feathers have been used for decoration for thousands of years because of their beauty and are still popular today.
  9. Symbolic Birds: In many cultures, peacocks are a symbol of beauty, wealth, and pride. They are often seen in art and stories.
  10. Amazing Eyesight: Peacocks have excellent eyesight which helps them spot predators easily, even from a far distance.
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