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Good health is the foundation of a happy life, especially for growing children and mothers. Recognizing this, the Indian government launched the Rastriya Poshan Abhiyan, a campaign designed to improve nutritional outcomes for every child and mother in the country. This initiative is crucial because it focuses on providing the essential nutrients that are necessary for healthy development and preventing disease. Our discussion will shed light on the goals of this important program and the impact it hopes to achieve, paving the way for a healthier future for all.


10 Lines on Rastriya Poshan Abhiyan – Set 1

  1. Rastriya Poshan Abhiyan is a program by the Indian government.
  2. It aims to make India healthy and free of malnutrition.
  3. The program focuses on young children, teenagers, and mothers.
  4. It teaches people about good food habits.
  5. The campaign started in March 2018.
  6. Schools and communities help spread the message.
  7. The program also teaches about clean drinking water.
  8. It encourages everyone to stay active and play sports.
  9. The goal is to reduce illnesses that happen because of poor nutrition.
  10. It helps ensure that all families can feed their children well.


10 Lines on Rastriya Poshan Abhiyan – Set 2

  1. Rastriya Poshan Abhiyan is a special program started by the Indian government to make India healthier.
  2. It focuses on helping mothers and children under the age of six eat well and stay healthy.
  3. The main goal is to reduce the number of young children who are very thin or very short for their age.
  4. This program teaches families about good food choices and the importance of nutritious meals.
  5. Schools and communities also learn how to grow healthy foods like vegetables and fruits.
  6. Every year, in September, there is a special month called “Poshan Maah” to spread awareness.
  7. During this month, many activities and workshops are organized to teach healthy eating habits.
  8. Doctors and health workers help by providing important advice on nutrition to families.
  9. The program also uses mobile apps and other technology to reach more people and teach them about health.
  10. Rastriya Poshan Abhiyan aims to make sure every child and mother in India can be strong and healthy.
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10 Lines on Rastriya Poshan Abhiyan – Set 3

  1. Rastriya Poshan Abhiyan was launched by the Prime Minister of India in 2018 to improve public health.
  2. Its major focus is on reducing child malnutrition which is very common in parts of India.
  3. The program targets young girls, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers to ensure they receive proper nutrients.
  4. It helps by giving iron and vitamin supplements to those who need them to prevent sickness.
  5. Community health workers visit villages to educate families about eating right and staying fit.
  6. The program emphasizes the importance of the first 1000 days of a child’s life, which are crucial for development.
  7. Local governments are involved to make sure the program reaches even the remote parts of the country.
  8. Special kits with healthy food recipes and nutrition guides are distributed to families.
  9. Schools participate by hosting meal programs and nutrition education sessions.
  10. Rastriya Poshan Abhiyan is a step towards a stronger and healthier future for all children and women in India.

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