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Shivaram Hari Rajguru is not just a historical figure; he’s a symbol of youthful energy and patriotism that continues to inspire generations. Born into a time of turmoil, Rajguru rose to the challenge and became an iconic figure in India’s fight for independence. But what drives a young person to take such bold steps for their nation’s freedom? Through this article, we’ll take a closer look at Rajguru’s life, showcasing his indomitable spirit and dedication. Step into the past with us as we recount the story of a hero who dedicated his life to the freedom and justice of his homeland.


10 Lines on Shivaram Hari Rajguru – Set 1

  1. Shivaram Hari Rajguru was born in 1908 in Maharashtra, India.
  2. He was a brave freedom fighter for India.
  3. Rajguru worked closely with Bhagat Singh, another hero.
  4. They fought against British rule to free India.
  5. Rajguru believed in fighting for justice and freedom.
  6. He was very skilled with a gun, which was important for his missions.
  7. Rajguru, Bhagat Singh, and Sukhdev planned a bold act to protest British laws.
  8. They were caught and faced harsh consequences.
  9. Sadly, Rajguru was executed in 1931 when he was very young.
  10. He is remembered as a hero and inspires many people in India.


10 Lines on Shivaram Hari Rajguru – Set 2

  1. Shivaram Hari Rajguru was born on August 24, 1908, in Maharashtra, India.
  2. He was a brave freedom fighter who fought for India’s independence from British rule.
  3. Rajguru is well-known for his courage and dedication to freeing India.
  4. He was a close friend and associate of Bhagat Singh, another famous freedom fighter.
  5. Together with Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev, Rajguru planned to oppose British laws.
  6. Their most famous act was the assassination of a British police officer named Saunders in 1928.
  7. Rajguru believed that such acts were necessary to end British control.
  8. He was very skilled with weapons, especially in shooting.
  9. Unfortunately, he was captured by the British police and sentenced to death.
  10. Shivaram Hari Rajguru was executed on March 23, 1931, and is remembered as a hero in India.
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10 Lines on Shivaram Hari Rajguru – Set 3

  1. Rajguru was born in a small village called Khed, now known as Rajgurunagar, in his honor.
  2. He joined the freedom movement at a young age, inspired by the idea of an independent India.
  3. Shivaram Rajguru was deeply influenced by the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and Lokmanya Tilak.
  4. He was part of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA), a group that sought complete independence.
  5. Rajguru’s role was often to plan and carry out actions against the British officials.
  6. He was admired for his bravery and his ability to keep calm in dangerous situations.
  7. His family was very supportive of his dedication to India’s freedom.
  8. Rajguru also worked undercover many times, disguising himself to avoid capture.
  9. His sacrifice is commemorated in many parts of India with statues and memorials.
  10. Shivaram Rajguru remains an inspiration to all Indians, especially young students, for his love for his country and his bravery.

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