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The Sutlej River is a vital waterway, but it faces many challenges that could affect us all. Sometimes, rivers like the Sutlej can become polluted or have their water levels drop dangerously low, which can hurt the plants, animals, and even people who depend on it. The good news is that there are ways to protect and preserve this important river. By learning about the Sutlej and understanding what harms it, we can help come up with solutions to keep it clean and healthy. This article will explore why the Sutlej River is so important and how we can all contribute to its preservation.


10 Lines on Sutlej River – Set 1

  1. The Sutlej River is a big river in South Asia.
  2. It starts in Tibet and flows through India and Pakistan.
  3. The river is the longest of the five rivers in the Punjab region.
  4. It helps create the fertile lands in Punjab, which are great for farming.
  5. Many people use the Sutlej River for water and to grow crops.
  6. It joins the Beas River and later becomes part of the Indus River.
  7. The Bhakra Dam, built on this river, helps in generating electricity.
  8. This dam also stores water for use during dry times.
  9. People also enjoy fishing in the Sutlej River.
  10. The river is very important for the economy and life in the region.


10 Lines on Sutlej River – Set 2

  1. The Sutlej River is one of the longest rivers in Asia, flowing through countries like China, India, and Pakistan.
  2. It begins in the snowy heights of Tibet, a region in China, and travels a long way before joining another river called the Indus.
  3. In India, the Sutlej River flows through the state of Punjab, which means “Land of Five Rivers.”
  4. The river is important for water supply; people use it for drinking, farming, and even producing electricity through dams.
  5. One of the famous dams on the Sutlej River is the Bhakra Dam, which is one of the highest dams in India.
  6. The river’s waters are also vital for the wildlife in the area, supporting various animals and plants.
  7. Over time, the Sutlej River has been a part of many historical stories and has helped shape the culture of the regions it flows through.
  8. During the year, the amount of water in the river can change. It usually has more water during the summer when the snow from the mountains melts.
  9. People living near the Sutlej River also enjoy activities like fishing and boating, making the river a fun place to visit.
  10. Taking care of our rivers is important, and keeping the Sutlej clean helps ensure it remains a beautiful part of nature.
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10 Lines on Sutlej River – Set 3

  1. The Sutlej River is part of a big river system called the Indus River System, which is very important to the countries it flows through.
  2. It starts from a place called Lake Rakshastal in Tibet and has a very long journey before it meets the sea.
  3. The river is known for its fast-flowing waters, especially in the upper parts where it comes down from high mountains.
  4. Along its course, the Sutlej River passes through important cities and towns, providing them with essential water.
  5. Many farmers depend on the water from the Sutlej River to irrigate their crops like wheat and rice, which need lots of water.
  6. The river also has a lot of silt, which is fertile soil that is good for crops. This silt is carried by the river from the mountains to the plains.
  7. There are several bridges built over the Sutlej River, which help connect different regions and make travel easier for people.
  8. Wildlife along the river includes not only fish but also birds, which find food and shelter in the ecosystems around the river.
  9. In history, the Sutlej River was a boundary between kingdoms and has seen many historical events.
  10. Today, efforts are being made to protect the river’s health and keep its waters clean for future generations.

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