10 Lines on Tocantins River – Grammar Library

The Tocantins River is a vital waterway in Brazil, yet many people are unaware of its significance. This river faces several challenges that impact its health and the communities depending on it. It’s not just about the water flowing; it’s about the life it supports and the economic activities it sustains. Understanding the Tocantins River is crucial for better protection and utilization. This article will explore the unique aspects of the Tocantins River, highlighting why it deserves more attention and how it can be preserved for future generations.


10 Lines on Tocantins River – Set 1

  1. The Tocantins River flows in Brazil, South America.
  2. It is about 1,600 miles long.
  3. The river starts in the central part of Brazil.
  4. It flows north into the Atlantic Ocean.
  5. Many people use the river for fishing.
  6. Hydropower plants on the river create electricity.
  7. It passes through lush, green rainforests.
  8. Boats travel up and down the river carrying goods.
  9. The Araguaia River is its major tributary.
  10. It’s home to many unique plants and animals.


10 Lines on Tocantins River – Set 2

  1. The Tocantins River flows through Brazil, one of the largest countries in South America.
  2. It starts in the central part of Brazil and travels north until it meets the Atlantic Ocean.
  3. This river is about 2,450 kilometers long, which is almost as long as the distance across the United States from east to west.
  4. Along its journey, the Tocantins River passes through lush rainforests and areas with lots of wildlife.
  5. Many people live near the Tocantins River and they use its water for farming, drinking, and fishing.
  6. The Tocantins is known for its fast-flowing waters, especially in the rainy season when it swells up.
  7. One interesting place on the river is the Tocantins-Araguaia basin, which is a big area that collects water from smaller rivers and streams.
  8. There are several dams built on the river, with the largest one called the Tucuruí Dam, which helps provide electricity to homes in Brazil.
  9. The river is also a home to many kinds of fish and birds, some of which are found only in Brazil.
  10. People also enjoy using the Tocantins River for fun activities like boating and fishing during the sunny seasons.
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10 Lines on Tocantins River – Set 3

  1. The Tocantins River is an important waterway in Brazil, helping to connect different parts of the country.
  2. Its name comes from the Tupi language, and “Tocantins” means “toucan’s beak,” which could refer to the shape of the river or the abundance of these birds.
  3. The river’s source is in the Goiás state, high in the Brazilian Highlands, a beautiful area with lots of natural scenery.
  4. It flows northward through several Brazilian states, including Tocantins and Pará, before reaching the ocean.
  5. The climate around the river is mostly tropical, which means it is warm all year round and receives plenty of rain.
  6. The Tocantins River helps irrigate the land, making it fertile for growing crops like soybeans and corn.
  7. Many communities along the river depend on it for their daily needs and for transportation.
  8. The river’s basin is a critical habitat for diverse species of plants and animals, some of which are unique to Brazil.
  9. During its journey, the river creates beautiful landscapes, such as waterfalls and clear water pools that attract tourists.
  10. Efforts are being made to protect the river and its surroundings to keep it clean and safe for future generations.

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