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Times have changed, and so have the lives of children growing up today compared to those in the 90s. Let’s dive into how different these two generations are. Kids in the 90s had a very different childhood from the kids of today, especially when it comes to technology, games, and even how they spend their free time. Understanding these differences can help us see just how much our world has evolved in such a short time. Let’s take a closer look at the lives of kids then and now, without diving into specific examples just yet.


10 Lines on Todays kids vs 90s kids – Set 1

  1. Today’s kids use tablets and smartphones; 90s kids played with toys and board games.
  2. 90s kids watched cartoons on TV; today’s kids stream shows anytime on devices.
  3. Homework back then was mostly on paper; now, kids often use computers for schoolwork.
  4. Today’s kids learn coding; 90s kids focused more on basic computer skills.
  5. Playing outside was common for 90s kids; today, many prefer video games indoors.
  6. 90s kids collected CDs and cassettes; today’s kids listen to music online.
  7. Pen pals were popular among 90s kids; now, friends chat through instant messaging.
  8. Family photos used to be in albums; today, they are mostly stored digitally.
  9. 90s kids read physical books; today’s kids also use e-books and audiobooks.
  10. Birthday invites were given out as cards; now, they’re often sent electronically.
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10 Lines on Today’s Kids vs 90s Kids – Set 2

  1. Playtime: Today’s kids often play video games online, while 90s kids played games like tag or hide-and-seek outside.
  2. Technology: Kids now have smartphones and tablets. In the 90s, many kids didn’t have personal tech gadgets.
  3. Schoolwork: Homework is often done on computers now, but in the 90s, kids did their homework in notebooks with pencils.
  4. Music: Today’s kids listen to music on streaming apps. 90s kids listened to music on radios and CD players.
  5. TV Shows: Kids today watch shows on streaming services anytime, whereas 90s kids waited each week for their favorite show.
  6. Communication: Kids now chat using instant messaging apps, while 90s kids talked on landline phones or passed notes.
  7. Toys: Modern kids often prefer electronic toys, while 90s kids loved toys like action figures and dolls that didn’t need batteries.
  8. Photos and Videos: Today’s kids take lots of photos and videos on phones; 90s kids had cameras that used film.
  9. Fashion: Clothes styles have changed, with today’s kids often wearing more casual, sporty gear compared to the bright, bold styles of the 90s.
  10. Learning: Today, kids can learn from apps and online videos, making education more interactive compared to textbooks used in the 90s.


10 Lines on Today’s Kids vs 90s Kids – Set 3

  1. Outdoor Activities: 90s kids often spent more time playing outside, while today’s kids might spend more time indoors on electronics.
  2. Cartoons: 90s kids grew up watching classic cartoons on TV, whereas today’s kids have a wider range of animated shows online.
  3. Books: Reading habits have shifted; today’s kids read e-books while 90s kids read more physical books.
  4. Travel: Family trips were less frequent for 90s kids; today’s kids may travel more often with their families.
  5. Sports: In the 90s, kids often played neighborhood sports. Now, kids join organized sports clubs and teams.
  6. Health: Today’s kids are more aware of healthy eating due to school programs, unlike in the 90s.
  7. Education Tools: 90s kids used chalkboards and overhead projectors in school; today’s classrooms often use smartboards and tablets.
  8. Safety: The internet has changed safety concerns; today’s kids learn about online safety, unlike 90s kids.
  9. Video Games: Video games have evolved from simple graphics in the 90s to complex, high-definition games today.
  10. Socializing: Today’s kids often make friends online, in contrast to 90s kids who mostly made friends in their neighborhood or school.
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10 Lines on Today’s Kids vs. 90’s Kids – Set 4

  1. Today’s kids often play games on smartphones or tablets, while 90’s kids usually played outside with friends.
  2. Most of today’s kids learn from both classrooms and online videos; 90’s kids mostly learned from books and teachers in person.
  3. Kids now can talk to friends across the world on the internet, but kids in the 90s mostly made friends in their neighborhood.
  4. Today’s children might eat more fast food than 90’s kids, who often enjoyed home-cooked meals.
  5. Modern kids use digital watches and smart devices to tell time, whereas 90’s kids learned to read traditional clocks.
  6. 90’s children often listened to music on cassette tapes, but today’s kids stream music online.
  7. Today’s kids are more aware of global issues early on because of the internet, unlike 90’s kids who learned from TV and newspapers.
  8. Kids in the 90s often used libraries to research school projects, while current kids use online search engines like Google.
  9. 90’s kids enjoyed cartoons on scheduled TV, while today’s kids watch shows anytime on platforms like Netflix.
  10. Today’s kids have more tools like apps and games for learning languages, while 90’s kids had fewer resources like these.


10 Lines on Today’s Kids vs. 90’s Kids – Set 5

  1. Today’s kids experience more advanced technology in school, like interactive whiteboards, unlike 90’s kids who used chalkboards.
  2. 90’s kids often collected physical items like stamps or cards, while today’s kids collect digital items in video games.
  3. Today’s kids are growing up with voice-activated devices like Alexa, something unimaginable for kids in the 90s.
  4. Kids in the 90s played video games that were much simpler and not connected to the internet, unlike the complex online games today.
  5. Today’s children are more likely to participate in online classes, while 90’s kids attended all classes in person.
  6. 90’s kids enjoyed making mixtapes or recording songs on the radio, but today’s kids create playlists online.
  7. Outdoor play was more common for kids in the 90s, while today’s kids might spend more time indoors on electronics.
  8. 90’s kids watched movies on VHS tapes; today’s kids stream movies on their devices.
  9. Socializing for 90’s kids often meant face-to-face interactions, whereas today’s kids use social media and texting.
  10. Environmental awareness is higher among today’s kids through global connectivity, compared to the more localized learning of 90’s kids.
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