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In every great tale of victory, there are many heroes whose stories go untold. The fight for freedom in our history has many such unsung heroes who made big sacrifices without expecting anything in return. Our article will shed light on these remarkable individuals who played key roles in the freedom struggle. Though their names might not ring a bell like others, their contributions were just as important. We are going to learn about their efforts and honor their memory, understanding that every small act was a step toward freedom.


10 Lines on Unsung heroes of freedom struggle- Set 1

  1. Many people helped fight for freedom but didn’t get famous.
  2. Bina Das was brave and tried to stop a governor to help India.
  3. Tirupur Kumaran held our flag high even as he was hurt badly.
  4. Matangini Hazra was an older woman who led protests and was very brave.
  5. Peer Ali Khan fought against the British in 1857 to free India.
  6. Kanaklata Barua was a young girl who led a march and showed great courage.
  7. Khudiram Bose was very young when he stood up to the British and is remembered for his bravery.
  8. Garimella Satyanarayana wrote inspiring songs to motivate people to fight for freedom.
  9. Rani Gaidinliu was from the Northeast and fought to keep her culture and land safe.
  10. Surendranath Banerjee worked hard to make sure Indians could be part of their own government.
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10 Lines on Unsung Heroes of Freedom Struggle – Set 2

  1. Matangini Hazra was a brave woman who led a procession and faced the police fearlessly during a protest.
  2. Tirupur Kumaran carried the Indian flag during a march and never let it fall even as he was attacked.
  3. Kanaklata Barua, at just 17 years old, led a group carrying the Indian flag during a peaceful protest.
  4. Pingali Venkayya designed the first version of the Indian national flag that inspired many.
  5. Garimella Satyanarayana inspired people through his poems and songs to fight for freedom.
  6. Khudiram Bose was one of the youngest revolutionaries, who fought against British rule at the age of 18.
  7. Begum Hazrat Mahal took charge in the 1857 rebellion and fought bravely against the British.
  8. Potti Sreeramulu fasted to death to achieve state rights for the Telugu-speaking people.
  9. Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay was instrumental in reviving Indian handicrafts and supporting the freedom struggle.
  10. Peer Ali Khan was one of the first to rebel against the British and was martyred for his actions.


10 Lines on Unsung Heroes of Freedom Struggle – Set 3

  1. Birsa Munda led his community in a challenging fight against British control and their unfair policies.
  2. Durga Bhabhi disguised Bhagat Singh as her husband to help him escape British capture.
  3. Aruna Asaf Ali hoisted the Indian flag during the Quit India Movement, despite heavy British surveillance.
  4. Surya Sen led a group to raid British armories in an event known as the Chittagong Armoury Raid.
  5. Rani Gaidinliu fought against British rule in the Northeast and campaigned for her people’s rights.
  6. Surendranath Banerjea helped establish the Indian National Association to fight for India’s independence.
  7. Velu Nachiyar was the first queen to fight against the British in India, using her intelligence and bravery.
  8. Chittu Pandey organized villagers in Bihar to revolt against the British colonial administration.
  9. Kuyili, a commander in Velu Nachiyar’s army, sacrificed her life in a battle against the British.
  10. Alluri Sitarama Raju led the Rampa Rebellion, challenging British authority with tribal support.
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