10 Lines on Yenisei River – Grammar Library

Rivers are amazing natural highways that carry water through the land. One special river is the Yenisei, which flows all the way through a part of Russia called Siberia. It’s really important because it helps plants, animals, and people in many ways. In this article, we’ll discover ten cool facts about the Yenisei River. We’ll learn what makes it so interesting and why it’s important for us to know about this giant river. Let’s start our journey to find out some exciting things about the Yenisei!


10 Lines on Yenisei River – Set 1

  1. The Yenisei River flows in Siberia, Russia.
  2. It is one of the longest rivers in the world.
  3. The river starts in Mongolia and goes north to the Arctic Ocean.
  4. Many kinds of fish live in the Yenisei, like sturgeon and salmon.
  5. People use the river for water and fishing.
  6. It also helps make electricity with hydroelectric power stations.
  7. Boats travel on the river to move goods and people.
  8. The river freezes in winter because it’s very cold.
  9. Birds and animals, like bears and deer, live near the river.
  10. The Yenisei is important for nature and people in Siberia.


10 Lines on Yenisei River – Set 2

  1. The Yenisei River flows in Russia and is one of the longest rivers in the world.
  2. It starts in Mongolia, travels through Siberia, and finally reaches the Arctic Ocean.
  3. The river is about 3,487 miles long, making it really long to travel from start to end.
  4. During winter, parts of the Yenisei River freeze over because it gets very cold in Siberia.
  5. Many different types of fish live in the river, including sturgeon and salmon.
  6. People use the Yenisei River for transportation, especially to carry goods in boats.
  7. Along the river, there are beautiful forests and lots of wildlife, like bears and deer.
  8. The river also helps produce electricity through hydroelectric power stations.
  9. Cities like Krasnoyarsk are located by the river, where many people live and work.
  10. The Yenisei River is important for the environment and helps keep the ecosystem healthy.
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10 Lines on Yenisei River – Set 3

  1. The Yenisei River splits into several smaller streams and tributaries as it travels.
  2. It passes through the Sayan and the Yenisei mountain ranges, creating stunning views.
  3. The river’s watershed is huge, covering a large area that collects rain and snow.
  4. Many birds, like ducks and geese, visit the Yenisei River during their migration.
  5. The river’s flow changes with the seasons, swelling with snowmelt in spring.
  6. Local people have fished in the Yenisei for hundreds of years, depending on it for food.
  7. Boats and ships navigate the river, making it a busy waterway for transportation.
  8. During summer, the river banks become popular spots for camping and picnics.
  9. Environmentalists study the river to understand how to protect its natural beauty.
  10. The Yenisei River plays a vital role in the culture and history of the Siberian region.


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