Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 150 to 500 words

Every day at school, we meet many teachers. But there is always one who stands out. This teacher makes learning fun and exciting. They understand us and help us when we are stuck. Without them, school would be much harder and less enjoyable.

In this essay, I will tell you about my favorite teacher. You will see why this teacher is special and how they make a big difference in our lives. By the end, you will understand why having a great teacher is so important.


Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 150 words

My favourite teacher is Mr. Sharma. He teaches us Mathematics. He makes difficult concepts easy to understand. His classes are always interesting and engaging. Mr. Sharma uses real-life examples to explain the topics. He is very patient and always ready to help us with our doubts. He encourages us to think critically and solve problems on our own. Apart from academics, he also teaches us good values and discipline. He believes in hard work and always motivates us to do our best. Mr. Sharma’s dedication to teaching and his care for students make him the best teacher. I enjoy learning from him, and he has inspired me to develop a love for Mathematics. I feel lucky to have Mr. Sharma as my teacher, and I hope to make him proud with my achievements.

Essay On My Favourite Teacher

Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 250 words

My favourite teacher is Mrs. Gupta, who teaches us Science. She has a unique way of making the subject come alive. Mrs. Gupta uses experiments and demonstrations to explain complex scientific concepts. Her enthusiasm for the subject is contagious, and she always encourages us to ask questions and be curious. She believes that understanding Science is not just about memorizing facts but about understanding the world around us. Mrs. Gupta is very approachable, and she takes the time to explain things until everyone in the class understands. She also organizes field trips and science fairs, which make learning even more fun and interesting. Mrs. Gupta is not just a great teacher academically, but she also cares about our overall development. She teaches us to be kind, responsible, and hardworking. She often shares stories of famous scientists to inspire us. Her dedication and passion for teaching have made a big impact on my life. I have developed a keen interest in Science because of her, and I am always excited to attend her classes. Mrs. Gupta is truly an inspiring teacher, and I feel fortunate to be her student.

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Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 350 words

My favourite teacher is Mr. Singh, who teaches us English. He has a remarkable ability to make literature and grammar enjoyable and easy to understand. Mr. Singh has a warm and friendly personality, which makes students feel comfortable in his class. He uses creative teaching methods, such as storytelling, role-playing, and group discussions, to make the lessons engaging and interactive. Mr. Singh always emphasizes the importance of good communication skills and encourages us to express ourselves clearly and confidently. He believes that learning English is not just about reading and writing but also about developing critical thinking and creativity.

Mr. Singh is very knowledgeable and well-read. He often shares interesting books and articles with us, sparking our interest in reading and literature. He also organizes debates and essay competitions to help us improve our writing and speaking skills. Mr. Singh is always patient and takes the time to help students who are struggling. He provides constructive feedback and encourages us to improve.

Apart from academics, Mr. Singh teaches us important life lessons. He talks about the value of honesty, integrity, and respect for others. He often shares his own experiences and challenges, inspiring us to work hard and persevere. His positive attitude and dedication to teaching have a profound impact on all of us.

Because of Mr. Singh, I have developed a love for English and a passion for learning. His classes are the highlight of my day, and I always look forward to them. Mr. Singh’s influence has shaped my academic and personal growth, and I am grateful to have him as my teacher. His dedication, knowledge, and kindness make him truly special, and he will always be my favourite teacher.


Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 400 Words

My favourite teacher is Mrs. Sharma. She teaches us mathematics in our school. Mrs. Sharma is known for her dedication and commitment to her students. She has been teaching at our school for over ten years and is loved by all her students.

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Mrs. Sharma has a unique way of making math interesting and fun. She uses real-life examples to explain difficult concepts, which makes it easier for us to understand. She often incorporates games and activities in her lessons to keep us engaged and motivated. Her teaching methods are different from other teachers, and that’s what makes her stand out.

One of the best things about Mrs. Sharma is her patience. She never gets angry or frustrated when a student doesn’t understand something. Instead, she takes the time to explain it again and again until the student gets it. She always encourages us to ask questions and is always ready to help us with our doubts.

Apart from being a great teacher, Mrs. Sharma is also a wonderful person. She is kind and caring, and she treats all her students with respect. She understands the problems that students face and tries her best to help us overcome them. She often stays back after school to help students who need extra support.

Mrs. Sharma also believes in the overall development of her students. She encourages us to participate in extracurricular activities and always supports us in our endeavors. She often organizes math competitions and quizzes to help us improve our skills and build our confidence.

One of the most memorable experiences I had with Mrs. Sharma was during a math competition. I was very nervous and didn’t think I could do well. But Mrs. Sharma believed in me and gave me the confidence to participate. With her support and guidance, I won the competition. That day, I realized how much Mrs. Sharma’s encouragement meant to me.

In conclusion, Mrs. Sharma is not just my favourite teacher but also a role model. Her dedication to teaching and her love for her students make her an exceptional teacher. She has inspired me to always do my best and never give up, no matter how difficult something may seem. I feel fortunate to have her as my teacher.


Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 500 Words

My favourite teacher is Mr. Gupta. He teaches science at our school. Mr. Gupta is known for his deep knowledge of the subject and his excellent teaching skills. He has been a part of our school for over fifteen years and has made a significant impact on many students’ lives.

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Mr. Gupta has a special way of making science interesting. He uses a lot of practical examples and experiments to explain the concepts. This not only helps us understand the subject better but also makes learning fun. He often takes us to the science lab to conduct experiments, which is one of the highlights of his classes. His interactive teaching style keeps us engaged and curious to learn more.

One of the most admirable qualities of Mr. Gupta is his dedication to his students. He spends extra time with students who need additional help and ensures that everyone is keeping up with the lessons. He never hesitates to explain a concept multiple times if someone doesn’t understand it. His patience and willingness to help make him a favourite among all his students.

Mr. Gupta also has a great sense of humour, which makes his classes even more enjoyable. He often cracks jokes related to the topic, making the lessons more relatable and easier to remember. His friendly and approachable nature makes it easy for students to communicate with him and share their problems.

Besides being an excellent teacher, Mr. Gupta is also very supportive of his students’ overall development. He encourages us to participate in various extracurricular activities like science fairs, debates, and quizzes. He believes that these activities help in the holistic development of a student and are as important as academics.

I remember an incident when I was struggling with a science project. I was on the verge of giving up, but Mr. Gupta noticed my struggle and offered his help. He guided me through the project, gave me valuable suggestions, and motivated me to keep going. With his support, I completed the project and even won a prize for it. This experience taught me the importance of perseverance and the impact a good teacher can have on a student’s life.

Mr. Gupta’s commitment to teaching and his passion for science are truly inspiring. He always stays updated with the latest developments in the field of science and shares that knowledge with us. His enthusiasm for the subject is contagious, and he has inspired many students to develop an interest in science and pursue it further.

In conclusion, Mr. Gupta is my favourite teacher because of his exceptional teaching skills, dedication, and supportive nature. He has not only helped me excel in science but has also taught me valuable life lessons. His encouragement and guidance have played a crucial role in my academic journey. I feel privileged to be his student and will always be grateful for everything he has taught me.

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