10 Lines on Green House Effect and Global Warming – Grammar Library

The Earth is like a cozy home for all of us, but something is making it too warm, and not in a good way. This extra warmth is caused by what scientists call the “Greenhouse Effect” and it leads to something even bigger: Global Warming. It’s like when we wrap ourselves in too many blankets; at first, it feels nice, but soon it gets uncomfortably hot. The Greenhouse Effect acts like those extra blankets for the Earth, trapping more heat than it should. This isn’t just a tiny problem—it’s a big deal that affects the whole planet. But don’t worry, by understanding it, we can find ways to make Earth feel just right again.


10 Lines on Green House Effect and Global Warming – Set 1

  1. Earth gets warm like a greenhouse, that’s the Greenhouse Effect.
  2. Sun’s rays heat the Earth, and some heat gets trapped.
  3. This trapped heat helps our planet stay warm enough for us.
  4. But too much trapped heat leads to Global Warming.
  5. Cars, factories, and cutting trees add extra heat.
  6. This makes Earth hotter than it should be.
  7. Ice caps melt, and sea levels rise because of it.
  8. Animals lose their homes due to changing climates.
  9. We need to use less energy and plant more trees.
  10. Everyone can help by being Earth-friendly!
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10 Lines on Green House Effect and Global Warming – Set 2

  1. Greenhouse gases act like a blanket around Earth.
  2. These gases include carbon dioxide and methane.
  3. They keep Earth’s warmth from escaping too fast.
  4. But too many gases make the blanket too thick.
  5. This causes our planet to heat up, which is bad.
  6. Weather changes, and we get more extreme storms.
  7. Some places get too dry, and others get too wet.
  8. Animals and plants struggle to adapt to changes.
  9. Recycling and saving energy can help a lot.
  10. Every small action adds up to big changes for Earth.


10 Lines on Green House Effect and Global Warming – Set 3

  1. The Greenhouse Effect is like a big blanket around Earth that keeps it warm.
  2. It happens when certain gases in the air trap heat from the sun.
  3. These gases, like carbon dioxide and methane, act like a shield, trapping the heat and preventing it from escaping into space.
  4. When there are too many of these gases, it makes Earth too warm, like when we wear too many clothes on a hot day.
  5. This extra warmth causes Global Warming, which means the Earth gets hotter over time.
  6. Global Warming can make the weather crazy, with more storms, floods, and heatwaves.
  7. It can also melt polar ice caps, raising sea levels and causing problems for animals and people who live near the coast.
  8. We can help by using less energy, like turning off lights when we leave a room and using renewable energy like solar and wind power.
  9. Planting trees also helps because they soak up carbon dioxide, one of the gases causing the Greenhouse Effect.
  10. By working together and being careful with the Earth, we can help stop Global Warming and keep our planet healthy for everyone.
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10 Lines on Green House Effect and Global Warming – Set 4

  1. The Greenhouse Effect is like a warm blanket around Earth. It traps some of the Sun’s heat, keeping our planet cozy.
  2. When we burn fuels like coal and gas, it adds extra blankets to Earth, making it too warm. This is called Global Warming.
  3. Polar bears and penguins are sad because their homes, like the Arctic and Antarctica, are melting because of global warming.
  4. Icebergs in the ocean melt and make sea levels rise, which can flood homes near the coast.
  5. Trees are superheroes! They soak up carbon dioxide, a gas that makes global warming worse, and give us fresh air to breathe.
  6. Driving cars and using electricity make a lot of carbon dioxide. We can help by walking, biking, or using less energy at home.
  7. Plants need water to grow, but too much rain or droughts caused by global warming can hurt crops and make it hard for animals to find food.
  8. When Earth gets too warm, some animals, like frogs and butterflies, have to move to cooler places or they might disappear forever.
  9. People all around the world are working together to find ways to use clean energy, like wind and solar power, to stop global warming.
  10. We can be heroes too! By recycling, planting trees, and saving energy, we can help keep our planet healthy for everyone.

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