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Communication is a big part of our daily lives. Sometimes, though, it’s tough to keep in touch with friends and family who are far away. This can make us feel a bit lonely or out of the loop. Luckily, there’s a handy tool that helps solve this problem. Messenger apps allow us to send messages, share photos, and even make video calls instantly! They make it easy to stay connected no matter where our loved ones are. So, let’s dive into how these amazing apps keep us close to the people who matter most.


10 Lines on Messenger – Set 1

  1. Messenger is an app for chatting with friends and family.
  2. You can send messages, photos, and videos quickly.
  3. It’s free to use on phones and computers.
  4. You can also make voice and video calls using Messenger.
  5. It uses the internet to send and receive messages.
  6. You can use stickers and emojis to make chats fun.
  7. Messenger keeps your conversations private.
  8. You can create group chats to talk with many friends at once.
  9. It’s helpful for planning events or sharing homework.
  10. Many people around the world use Messenger to stay connected.


10 Lines on Messenger – Set 2

  1. A messenger is someone who delivers messages or packages from one person to another.
  2. In history, messengers were very important for sharing news across long distances before phones or the internet.
  3. Messengers can travel by many means like walking, riding bicycles, motorcycles, or even horses.
  4. Some famous historical messengers were Paul Revere and the runners of the ancient Greek marathon.
  5. Today, messengers often use technology like emails and mobile apps to send messages instantly.
  6. Messenger apps on phones help us chat, share photos, and even make video calls with friends and family.
  7. Postal workers are also messengers who deliver letters and packages to our homes.
  8. Being a messenger requires being trustworthy and punctual so that messages and packages are not lost or late.
  9. In some stories and movies, messengers have adventurous jobs and have to overcome challenges to deliver their messages.
  10. Messengers help connect the world by making sure important information and goods reach the right people.
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10 Lines on Messenger – Set 3

  1. The word “messenger” comes from the old word “message,” which means a piece of information that someone sends to another.
  2. Animal messengers, like pigeons, have been used in the past to send quick notes over long distances.
  3. Bicycle messengers are popular in big cities where they can move faster than cars because of traffic.
  4. Messengers need to know the best routes and means of transport to deliver things quickly and safely.
  5. In many cultures, messengers were respected for their role in keeping communication alive between distant places.
  6. Electronic messengers, like emails and texts, use the internet to send messages almost instantly across the world.
  7. Messengers sometimes wear uniforms or carry badges to show that they are official carriers of information or goods.
  8. Special messengers called couriers carry very important documents and items that need extra security.
  9. The job of a messenger can be very exciting and important, especially when delivering urgent news.
  10. Thanks to messengers, no matter the method, people everywhere can stay connected and informed.

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