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Windmills might not seem very exciting at first, but they play a huge role in creating energy without harming our planet. Sometimes, finding ways to make enough electricity can be a big challenge because using coal and oil can be bad for the Earth. Windmills offer a brilliant solution to this problem. They use the wind to make power, which is both clean and endless. This article will explore how windmills work and why they are so important for our future. As we learn about them, we’ll see just how amazing these tall spinning towers can be.


10 Lines on Windmill – Set 1

  1. A windmill uses wind to make energy.
  2. It has big blades that spin around.
  3. When the wind blows, the blades turn.
  4. This turning motion helps generate electricity.
  5. Old windmills were used to grind grain.
  6. They were also used to pump water.
  7. Windmills help in producing clean energy.
  8. They do not pollute the air.
  9. Windmills are important for green energy.
  10. They are built in windy places to work best.


10 Lines on Windmill – Set 2

  1. A windmill is a machine that uses the wind to create energy.
  2. It has big blades that spin around when the wind blows.
  3. Long ago, windmills were used to grind grain into flour for making bread.
  4. Today, some windmills are used to generate electricity.
  5. When the blades turn, they power a generator that makes electricity.
  6. Windmills can be very tall, almost as tall as a skyscraper.
  7. They are helpful because they produce energy without pollution.
  8. Many windmills together in one place are called a wind farm.
  9. Wind farms are often found in open fields or on hills where the wind is strong.
  10. Using windmills helps us save other resources like oil and gas.
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10 Lines on Windmill – Set 3

  1. Windmills have been around for hundreds of years, dating back to ancient times.
  2. They were very important in the Netherlands for pumping water out of low-lying lands.
  3. The main parts of a windmill are the base, the tower, and the blades.
  4. The blades of a windmill look like giant fans or propellers.
  5. Wind energy from windmills is considered renewable and clean.
  6. A single windmill can power multiple homes with electricity.
  7. In some places, windmills are a common sight, especially in windy areas.
  8. Old windmills are often tourist attractions and appear in stories and movies.
  9. Engineers are working to make windmills more efficient and powerful.
  10. Kids can make simple windmill models at school to learn about wind energy.


10 Lines on Windmill – Set 4

  1. A windmill is a tall structure that uses blades to catch the wind, helping it to create energy or perform tasks like grinding grain.
  2. Historically, people built windmills mainly to mill grain into flour, which is why you might see them often in old paintings and books.
  3. The main parts of a windmill include the base, the rotating blades, and the machinery inside that does the work.
  4. Windmills work by capturing wind with their large blades, which then spin around, moving the machinery inside to do useful things.
  5. One modern use of windmills is to generate electricity, and these types are often called wind turbines.
  6. Wind turbines are very important today because they produce clean, renewable energy without polluting the environment.
  7. Many countries are using more wind turbines to help reduce their use of fossil fuels, which can harm our planet.
  8. A fun fact about windmills is that the largest ones can have blades as long as a football field!
  9. People sometimes visit old windmills that have been turned into museums to learn about how they worked and their history.
  10. Windmills are not only useful but also very interesting, and learning about how they harness the power of the wind can be exciting for students like you!
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